What is Kindergarten in the eyes of the parents?

As a kindergarten worker I am sometimes baffled how some parents think that a kindergarten is just a place where you leave your child for 5-8 hours and then come back. Kindergarten is not your garden-variety “child park” its a place for education and holistic growth of the children.

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Home but NOT home

When I researched for the definition of home, I couldn’t find a clear definition. But what I did find is that everyone has their own definition of home. Most common answers were that home is a place where you are safe where your family is. In an article that I read, I found an answer that I thought was fitting for my topic in this blog post:

“Only three words: safety, security, stability.” — Kathy (Habitat for humanity)

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Sandy L

Playing is, perhaps, the most effective way for a child to learn. Play promotes children’s development, learning and general well-being. During play, children develop understanding about themselves and other people. Through playing, children can process whatever is going on in their lives. Imagination allows children to experience different roles and ideas.


No place like home – Our last blog

The process of writing blog posts was completely new for us and it turned out to be a very nice experience. In our blog posts, we covered homelessness from various points of view, not only in Finland but also all over Europe, developing countries, Asia, USA, etc. We gained a wider perspective about the situation in each place and how policies and other factors affect homelessness and how we can help improve the situation.  

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Hope for all

People are from different place and migration makes us live in a different environment than where we were born, lived our childhood or adulthood. It changes our perspective of life, norms and values. igration influence can be both positive and negative on the societal and individual level, shaping an individual in all perspective.

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Exerting influence

Our task for this course was to exert influence. Influence according to Cambridge dictionary is “the power to have an effect on people or things”(No name, nd). Exerting is described “to use something such as  authority, power, influence, etc. in order to make something happen.” (No name, Nd) . Both of these definitions have negative sound in them. In the social services field there many of the workers use their power to evert influence in a negative way. Usually we are working with clients that are vulnerable under our influence. How we use this power of ours depends on a person. Many articles have been written on neglection. I found one article from Yle uutiset web page. There were stories about how parents who have lost their disabled children due to wrong or uncaring treatment see us care givers in social field. I have also witnessed mishandling from caregiver to autistic child.

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Being a child of an immigrant

My friend linked me this article about being a child of immigrants. It’s interesting to see how all of us who have immigrant parents, have kind of had the same childhood. No matter where we live at. In this article there were quotes from different children with immigrant parents. One of them stuck out to me: 

“A lot of the time, being a child of immigrants means constantly having to defend your place as an ‘American,” – Alex Santana.

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Viimeinen blogiteksti

Syksy on mennyt nopeasti ja pikkuhiljaa vaihtunut talveksi, ja nyt on meidänkin aika lopetella blogiamme.

Blogissamme olemme käsitelleet erilaisia nuoruuteen liittyviä ajankohtaisia aiheita, pohtineet ja ihmetelleet, sekä jakaneet tietoa nuoruuteen liittyvistä haasteista ja ongelmakohdista. Blogin pitäminen on ollut antoisa ja opettavainen kokemus, mutta kaikki hyvä loppuu aikanaan. Kiitoksia kaikille jotka olette tätä meidän blogiamme lukeneet!