Causes and factors leading to Homelessness

What causes homelessness? What factors lead people to end up homeless? Is homelessness really a choice made by an individual or is it forced on the person in a way or another? What has caused an increase in homelessness in the past couple decades in almost every country? How much of an effect do social factors such as immigration, tourism, rising number of elderly people, population, violence in family/relationships or other factors such as culture, values or lifestyle have on homelessness? Is the bitter truth of homelessness being taken seriously enough by the governments?  

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Consequences of being caught

The legalization of cannabis has provoked a great deal of response, both for and against. In fact, I have heard good arguments both for and against. I do not now go in to that whether cannabis legalizing is a good thing or a bad thing, and what would be its potential consequences. However I will write about what would potentially happened right know in Finland if you would be caught in the use or possession of cannabis.
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Success of Housing First or Asunto Ensin

Some days back, a letter written by a mother of two children went viral on the internet. She was protesting the “not in my backyard syndrome”, in Los Angeles. People were against having shelters for homeless people to be constructed in their neighborhood. Keanakay Scot was raised in a foster home and literally dumped on the streets after she turned eighteen. She had no home and was lacking skills. She got no guidance on further education, to pay for credit or even fill up forms for housing. She has been chronically homeless for about 10 years. Her story made me think. Would her situation have been different if instead of just taking away her right to a home after she turned 18, the social services had given her a place to stay and feel safe, secure, not feel neglected and alone? What if rehabilitative and support services were given after supporting her to settle in a safe and comfortable place.

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NEA project – How do we help homeless women?

As we have already mentioned earlier in our blog, the number of homeless women has been increasing lately. Homeless women have been in the news topics and “Women of shadows” was also this year’s theme of the homeless night. According to Asunnottomien Yö webpage, there were at least 1200 homeless women in Finland last year and they many times face violence and abuse. They also often stay at their friends or relatives and this is why the number of homeless women is kind of hidden and it can actually be much bigger than the official number given.

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When a loved one uses

vtdainfo. 2010. Family tree.

There is a lot of judgement and shame connected to substance abuse. Substance abuse and addiction affects not only the users themselves but their loved one’s as well. It’s hard to admit or talk about addiction, whether in a past or present sense. It’s equally hard to talk about the problems of substance abuse of a loved one.

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Legislation and Undocumented Immigrants

In my previous blog post, I tried to open the awareness about paperless immigrants. In this post, I will try to represent some of the national and international regulations about immigration and in next discussions I will refer to NGOs’ and activists’ actions to support refugees and paperless immigrants.    

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Are you Left outside?

Kuusamo / Picture by Katja Mattila

Have you ever felt like an outsider? Like you don’t belong into the society? Like there’s no place for you and you don’t know what you should do with your life. Maybe you could try to move somewhere else to get a job or a place to study in. Maybe it doesn’t work out no matter how hard you try and you get depressed and stop trying after a while. What happens then?

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Homelessness in Europe – A Hidden Truth

As someone who migrated from a developing country, like most immigrants, every country in Europe seemed close to perfect in every way. When looking at Europe from far, it seemed as if there are no financial issues here, no citizen is suffering to get a shelter or starving and that the first priority in these countries are to see that every citizen has at least basic needs fulfilled such as a roof over their head, clothes and food.  In many

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Greta Thunberg young climate change saviour or an unwitting puppet?
Greta Thunberg

A 16-year-old girl Greta Thunberg from Sweden has taken the internet and the world by storm. Her climate and environmental activist ideology has gathered her over 7 million followers in social media worldwide. She is very tenacious and also no stranger for dishing out firm words to world leaders about climate change. Although all this is very impressive climate change as a topic has been around for a long time already, so why did she strike so hard? Is she really the “chosen one” to save the new generations world or is she just an unwitting puppet?

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Family Reunification

In my first post, I wrote about the importance of family to integration and now thought to go further. Based on the comments, I came to this solution. So thank you for your comments and thoughts:) I find the topic interesting and current. The subject is also very familiar to me, it is close to my family.

Image: Riitta Järnström
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