Final Post

The Social Care Legislation and Exerting Influence course has ended and this is our final post. Our topic was migration and the project was done in co-operation with African Care organization. Our project was about organizing goal-directed activities and exerting influence by using various methods with migrant women in Rastila. Our goals were achieved and we are very pleased with the outcome.

In our blog we shared personal and deep issues related to migration and life in general. The topics were about matters such as: home, reasons for migration, integration and services that are being offered by NGO’s.

Writing the blog was interesting and rewarding, in addition we as individuals learned a lot. We appreciate all our readers and thank them for their nice comments. We thank our teachers as well for this pleasent experience and wish you all a relaxing holiday and a bright future.

-Nuura, Riitta, Henrietta, Omobola and Nimco

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