Humankind is one nation

In this blog I will be writing from an Islamic perspective and will share some personal and deep stuff. In the first blog I talked about what home means and how it impacts on a person. What about people without a home or without a shelter, the homeless or whom live in tents or wars, what about the ones without a family, what about them?

According to my first blog the definition home seemed like a perfect place that everyone has to have, with all the comfortable stuff, furniture and so on. What if a person who has a ”home” was not feeling home, what about if a person who lives in a tent felt more home than a person living in a mansion. Odd, isn’t it? In my opinion home is not necessarily an abstract thing, as I wrote before in the blog, what means home to me might not mean home to others, it is about contenment. How we view life and how we adopt to the environment around us, sometimes by our own will and sometimes not. Even if a person has all the things that make a home, they could still feel emptiness as if their home was empty even if it wasn’t, even if they have a home, they can still feel like they don’t belong.

With their aliens’s passports my parents migrated to Finland for a better future in the 90’s, I was not raised religiously or in a strict way. My parents were very open and tried to adapt to the finnish society. As I grew old my identity was not clear to me, I was this Palestinian girl who had white skin, brown eyes, almost no eyebrows and an exceptional name. In elementary school, I kept thinking why wasn’t my name something like Julia or Laura like my friend’s names. I would compare myself to others, compare my family to finnish families. I was different and that was obvious, I had a mixed identity, I would feel like an Arab in my home and when my friends came over, but outside I would feel pretty much like a finn. I would not yet understand the beaty in differences: our looks, customs, languages and so on.

Later on in my twenties, someone dear to me, sent me a YouTube video (I’ll put the link below), soon after watching the video found the meaning of life, became a practising muslim and understood why this world is how it is. I understood that we do not choose our looks, parents or the environment we are born to. I understood that all humans are equal no matter what, I would no longer have this understanding that a white person is somehow supreme or better than others.

This world was meant to be different and multicultural, it would not be my ultimate home, but rather a temporary ”home”, my true home would be (god willing) paradise. Why is this world so unfair? There has to be a reason behind it, when some are born to horrific circumtances, wars, inequality, opression and so on. There has to be a reason for this ”crazy” world and then I remember that this world was not meant to be a resting place, but rather a testing place. Each and everyone of us has faced or will face tribulations, in my home, in other homes, in this world happiness is always temporary, what I want is eternal hapiness aka. Paradise.

Picture taken by: Nuura Dalgamoni

I need to understand the different circumstances people come from and not be judgemental, behind every person is a story. I personally sometimes ”suffer” daily in this society, like there is this idea that all whites are ”yolos” and look and act a certain way. When I am using public transportation, I sometimes get alot of mean looks, because of how I dress, as if I’m some white traitor who left civilization. In my opinnion it seems as if there is this arrogant way of thinking that all whites are Scandanavian, European or American and should be ”christian”, that is something I dislike. Some people forgot about the Constitution law: freedom of religion (because some don’t want religion at all) and freedom of speech.

How I dress, think and act (as long as I’m not hurting others) is my right and just like I have to see some half naked beer belly guys ”jogging” in the summer of Finland. It is my full right to cover and be modest without having the need to feel scared and less of a human like I did the one time, when some white guy driving a car, speaking to (God knows who) and laughing, was trying to drive over me while I crossed the street. If ”treat others the way you would like to be treated” was going on in this world, then maybe there would be more humanity instead of inhumanity, if we would remember how we are connected, maybe racism could vanish.

سلام (peace)

The video I mentioned:

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  1. Omobolape Awe

    I felt a personal understanding of your blog and it brought back my childhood memories. it brought out a lot of mixed emotions in me. I grew up in a religious home, and I had this upbringing that say “we all visitors in this world”. Where we come from and where we may find ourselves afterlife has not race, colour, language but we are all equal in the eyes of the maker. He made all things beautiful, wonderful and equal in His eyes.
    I wish in this world where we make our temporary home, we can all look beyond the colour of our skins, the different languages or religion but focus on creating a hate-free and loving environment for the innocent generations “WHO” have not yet understood what the word RACE means and its effect of HUMANITY


    1. Thank you for your beautiful comment<3
      I enjoyed reading it 🙂



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