Happy 20th birthday, World Village Festival!

Ever since 1995 World Village Festival has successfully gathered thousands and thousands of festival visitors year after year to enjoy an memorable experience together. This year the festival theme is a topic hotter than ever, climate change, and the estimated amount of visitors reaches 80 000 persons.

Climate change has been all over the news in Finland before and now especially after the election of the parliament in the 14th of April 2019. Finland has woken up to the seriousness of the climate change and that came visible as the elections run by name ”climate election” in many panels and discussions.

World Village Festival is a cross-cultural organization event offering many different free activities. International and local actors serve music performances, movies, activities for the children, panels, literature and hundreds of exhibitors entertaining the visitors. This year the programme focuses especially on the music and the concerts as e.g. Paleface & Matre (USA), Tuure Kilpeläinen, and Dele Sosimi are performing at the festival.

On top of the comprehensive music performances, the world premiere of Iara Lee’s document Wantoks: Dance of Resilience in Melanesia takes place at the festival, contemplating the struggle of existence and traditions at the Pacific Island states. Also workshops and panels of experts are discussing social topics highlighting climate change through-out the festival days.

As a World Village Festival-virgin, volunteering for this years festival feels extra important as the theme of climate change wakes up a lot of questions and emotions in me among thousands and thousands of other people in Finland. From the festival I wish to experience togetherness and happiness and I am restless to find out more about climate change and the ways to fix the damage that we humans have made to earth and atmosphere.

To be able to celebrate the 100th birthday of World Village Festival, Finland among other countries need to take concrete actions. Earth is in our hands and now we need to make sure the hands are healing more than ever.

World Village Festival takes place 25-26.5. in Kaisaniemi Park and Railway Square, Helsinki.

Press for a fullprogramme of the festival.


World Village Festival


5 kommenttia artikkeliin ”Happy 20th birthday, World Village Festival!

  1. world village festival was a success. This year they only had 48,000 and last year it was 85,000 people. I think it was due to the rain that people didn’t come. Hope they mace more Kierrätys pisteitä next year, i hope the vendors use disposable plates.


    1. Jaana Dammert

      At least what I heard, all the exhibitors and vendors had committed themselves to use only biodegradable plates etc. at the festival.


  2. satu härkönen

    It was nice to read that you were excited to go to world Village Festival and you shared their values. It is a very important and very needed festival. Despite the weather it was a success! 😊


  3. This year’s theme is/was very interesting and very, very important. In the festival there was lot of discussion about climate change and I hope that those events has raised awareness to public about climate change.



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