Final Post

The Social Care Legislation and Exerting Influence course has ended and this is our final post. Our topic was migration and the project was done in co-operation with African Care organization. Our project was about organizing goal-directed activities and exerting influence by using various methods with migrant women in Rastila. Our goals were achieved and we are very pleased with the outcome.

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Home but NOT home

When I researched for the definition of home, I couldn’t find a clear definition. But what I did find is that everyone has their own definition of home. Most common answers were that home is a place where you are safe where your family is. In an article that I read, I found an answer that I thought was fitting for my topic in this blog post:

“Only three words: safety, security, stability.” — Kathy (Habitat for humanity)

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Being a child of an immigrant

My friend linked me this article about being a child of immigrants. It’s interesting to see how all of us who have immigrant parents, have kind of had the same childhood. No matter where we live at. In this article there were quotes from different children with immigrant parents. One of them stuck out to me: 

“A lot of the time, being a child of immigrants means constantly having to defend your place as an ‘American,” – Alex Santana.

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Bring me the light, the future

Thinking about all the troubling things I have faced I am not here just to complain about them. I am here to do something to make things better for myself and for others. I have received a lot of support from my classmates as well as from different organizations and communities.

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Migration or Salvation?

In my understanding people migrate because of various reasons, but what I do not understand is when one forgets how blessed they are having being born in this country. When I heard one guy once saying to my dear friend ”go back home”, I became angry. When some people think they have the right to speak in such a manner with complete ignorance, when one has never had to think about leaving their home country, when one does not see beyond a person’s skin color, when one forgets how priviledged they are etc.

Clearly this racist guy needed to educate himself.

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“Who have I become?”

Life gives us the best opportunities, it’s in our best interest to look beyond the negative and focus on the positive, also to get the best out of life. As a young girl who loves to acquire knowledge, I grew up in a close knitted family who value the benefit of education and self-development. Originally from the capital city Lagos, Nigeria, I have enjoyed the lifestyle and the relationship that comes with having a large family and relatives coming to our home from time to time without prior knowledge or announcement. (best part of being a Nigeria 😊). 

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Family and home

When I was born, there were not many immigrants living in Finland. When I went to school, almost everyone was of Finnish origin. People were not that accustomed to different looking people with different backgrounds, cultures or religions especially in the community where I lived.

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