The end of the Journey

It’s bittersweet to end this course that we have somewhat enjoyed. We might have joked about the early mornings, having to return to school bench after a weekend full of activities centered around family and friends, but that’s all it is – a joke. We do realize now that how important this course has been to us and we have been very fortunate. Our topics, our class, and our projects have meant something to us. We are all proud to have been able to members of this team and this is the time where CloudChasers wish you guys the very best!

What is Kindergarten in the eyes of the parents?

As a kindergarten worker I am sometimes baffled how some parents think that a kindergarten is just a place where you leave your child for 5-8 hours and then come back. Kindergarten is not your garden-variety “child park” its a place for education and holistic growth of the children.

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Sandy L

Playing is, perhaps, the most effective way for a child to learn. Play promotes children’s development, learning and general well-being. During play, children develop understanding about themselves and other people. Through playing, children can process whatever is going on in their lives. Imagination allows children to experience different roles and ideas.


Does Video Games Make Children More Violent?

Does your child turn in to a school shooter by playing the infamous Grand Theft Auto game series? Does fighting games cause your child to be the Rocky Balboa of the school yard? Find out by checking out this post!

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Greta Thunberg young climate change saviour or an unwitting puppet?
Greta Thunberg

A 16-year-old girl Greta Thunberg from Sweden has taken the internet and the world by storm. Her climate and environmental activist ideology has gathered her over 7 million followers in social media worldwide. She is very tenacious and also no stranger for dishing out firm words to world leaders about climate change. Although all this is very impressive climate change as a topic has been around for a long time already, so why did she strike so hard? Is she really the “chosen one” to save the new generations world or is she just an unwitting puppet?

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Children are Capable of Murder too

For the most of us, children are viewed as innocent beings that are living their lives when everything is new and surprising. We wouldn’t want to think about it, but where ever the is a light there must always be a shadow. These shadows of this post are called, Eric Smith, Christopher Pittman, Jon Venables & Robert Thompson. The last two happens to be the youngest on this post as well.


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A 6-year-old arrested in Florida

A few weeks ago some very strange news caught my eye. In Orlando Florida a schools resource officer by the name of Dennis Turner arrested a 6-year-old girl for having a temper tantrum in class. It all started with a call to the girls grandmother where the resource officer told her that her granddaughter Kaia Rolle kicked a school employee and has now been arrested, and is on her way to Juvenile Assessment Center were she going to be charged with battery.

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Is Social Media Good For Children?

Social media plays a huge role in people’s lives these days. Wherever you go, you’ll see people staring at their phones, almost 24/7. People share a lot of their personal information on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. (sometimes too personal, if you ask me…) There’s so many good things about social media and it makes our life easier, no one can deny that. You can find information, read the news, find friends, communicate with other people, listen to music and things like that. Most of the time, it’s fun.

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