How to protect superpowers?

The pseudonym ”Ihanan ja rakkaan Asperger-pojan äiti”, wrote a letter to the editor in Helsingin Sanomat. Pseudonym questioned, why the city of Helsinki does not offer any assistance for schooling to their son, who is having Asperger. Her son just started 1st grade and is in a special class, but he doesn’t have a personal assistant, who he would need. Lack of support has caused violent behavior towards other students, and the school has made a child welfare report because of it. Is this reasonable use of the resources, mother challenges.

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In caregiver’s shoes

Did you know that in Finland there are over million people whom help and support their close ones just for the greater good? There are 350 000 caregivers whom belong to the system and about 60 000 of them are in binding situation with the person in need. Furthermore, only 44 000 receive support from the society. (Omaishoitajaliitto) These numbers were very surprising to me but as I continued the search why these numbers are so high especially regarding those whom don’t receive any support from the municipality- the answer was surprising.  

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Right to live a normal life

“Finnish law states that a disabled person must not be discriminated against because of his or her disability. A disabled person has the right to live a normal life, for example, to study, work and start a family. Finland is also committed to the UN treaty on the rights of persons with disabilities.”(infofinland)

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Introduction to the Helping Hands blog

Hands up everyone!  

You are warmly welcomed to explore our blog, called Helping Hands. We are five 2nd and 3rd year Social Services students from Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Tikkurila campus. 

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