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Welcome to our blog! We are Monika, Nitika, Naina and Joy, social services students in Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Tikkurila Campus. We are about to start our adventure to go deeper into the issues related homelessness from different perspectives. Hopefully we generate some discussion about the topic. We would like to invite you to walk through this journey with us, as we unfold the many different aspects of this worldwide phenomenon, which has a huge impact in the society both on the individual and general level. Aside from personal interests, the choice of this topic is mainly because we would like to shine the light on the vulnerability of the people who are in this situation.

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No place like home – Our last blog

The process of writing blog posts was completely new for us and it turned out to be a very nice experience. In our blog posts, we covered homelessness from various points of view, not only in Finland but also all over Europe, developing countries, Asia, USA, etc. We gained a wider perspective about the situation in each place and how policies and other factors affect homelessness and how we can help improve the situation.  

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Recovering from homelessness

Dear Reader,

After examining the very complex issue of homelessness in our previous blog posts, the following step is to see what happens next. Is it really possible to recover from homelessness? Or those persons are still suffering from it long after they have found a home? Can you experience homelessness and then move on and start a new stage of your life?

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Transition to a better life.

I belong to an Asian country where the sight of people sleeping on pavements or seeking shelter under closed shops is a common sight. I never gave a second thought to such things. Homelessness is a big problem, but the steps taken in these countries are not enough to limit it. After coming to Finland, I have never come across people living or sleeping on the streets. This was a noticeable change for me. Homelessness is not a visible problem although it exists.

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Causes and factors leading to Homelessness

What causes homelessness? What factors lead people to end up homeless? Is homelessness really a choice made by an individual or is it forced on the person in a way or another? What has caused an increase in homelessness in the past couple decades in almost every country? How much of an effect do social factors such as immigration, tourism, rising number of elderly people, population, violence in family/relationships or other factors such as culture, values or lifestyle have on homelessness? Is the bitter truth of homelessness being taken seriously enough by the governments?  

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Success of Housing First or Asunto Ensin

Some days back, a letter written by a mother of two children went viral on the internet. She was protesting the “not in my backyard syndrome”, in Los Angeles. People were against having shelters for homeless people to be constructed in their neighborhood. Keanakay Scot was raised in a foster home and literally dumped on the streets after she turned eighteen. She had no home and was lacking skills. She got no guidance on further education, to pay for credit or even fill up forms for housing. She has been chronically homeless for about 10 years. Her story made me think. Would her situation have been different if instead of just taking away her right to a home after she turned 18, the social services had given her a place to stay and feel safe, secure, not feel neglected and alone? What if rehabilitative and support services were given after supporting her to settle in a safe and comfortable place.

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Homelessness in Europe – A Hidden Truth

As someone who migrated from a developing country, like most immigrants, every country in Europe seemed close to perfect in every way. When looking at Europe from far, it seemed as if there are no financial issues here, no citizen is suffering to get a shelter or starving and that the first priority in these countries are to see that every citizen has at least basic needs fulfilled such as a roof over their head, clothes and food.  In many

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Equal opportunities for everyone. Or not?

Dear Reader,

For some time I was pondering about the possibilities homeless people have when it comes to breaking out from the downward spirals of the life situation they are in. When doing a little research, I found an article about Heather. While reading it, I started to feel devastating in every single cells of mine and I just keep on thinking about her ever since. You want to hear?

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Squatting and Homelessness

Squatting and homelessness are intricately linked. Earlier it was perceived that people who squat did it by choice. It is a general perception that squatters are addicts, substance users or criminals and are shunned by the society. However, the issue of squatting as a direct result of homelessness is important. Squatting differs in every country, but the reason is the same, i.e., lack of affordable housing. In a general sense, it is considered as a residential area especially in urban settings, inhabited by the poor who don’t have access to tenured land of their own and therefore “squat” on vacant public or private land.

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Global situation of homelessness

What is homelessness? The term ‘’homelessness’’ can have many definitions, which depends on an individual’s own perspective, culture or on the situation of a country. There is no internationally agreed definition of homelessness. For many, homelessness only means not having a roof over their heads and having to sleep on the streets. According to the Canadian definition of homelessness, homelessness is ‘’the situation of an

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