The government decided on the number of quota refugees in 2021

I decided to write about this news article that I found in mtv news. The news tells about the government has decided that it will take more refugees in 2021 than it took in 2020. In 2021 Finland will take 1050 quota refugees and this year Finland took 850. When my group the immigrant bloggers had our had our interview whit our working life representive, he told us that he hopes that we could take more quota refugees. So, I think he will be happy about this news.

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The Paradox of the War on Drugs

The international conversation around ending the war on drugs has been going on for decades, yet a clear unravelment has not been found so far. However, what if i told you, that a policy as paradoxical as decriminalizing drug use, is universally praised for it´s effectiveness in response to defeating the drug war?

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The person who is the center of it all, is the client.

In order to prepare this assignment, I and my colleague have conducted an interview with Itäkatu family center in Itäkeskus, Helsinki, and their multiple employees. The center provides services for families whose members have a disability, among many other services. We were privileged to participate in the interview after their weekly team meeting and hear many of the professionals at the same time. The main topics of our discussion were inclusion and how it is viewed as and promoted at their workplace.

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What if the answer is no?

As our blogging journey has come to an end, I wanted to dedicate my third blog post to the last steps of asylum process. If an asylum seeker gets a positive decision, that means that he/she is granted with a residence permit based on international protection, subsidiary protection or compassionate grounds. But what happens if the answer is no? Our blogger Deric already covered the appeal process in his last post, but in mine I wanted to bring up different scenarios of what might happen after negative decision and shed light on the work that our working life partner Mosaiikki does, since many of their clients have faced this situation.

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Part of the Society

Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.”

Verna Myers

Finland´s integration program aims to strengthen inclusion in many ways. In 2015-2018, more than 30,000 integration plans were made in Finland. There are many ongoing projects in different municipalities. If you are interested in some of them take a look at the link below.

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Working life representative

we interviewed a working life representative from Sacramento named Klaus ( name and place have been changed for privacy reasons). I asked Klaus about what their situation is at the moment with staffing do they have too little staff too many just enough, How do they take care of the well being of clients and staff and how are they going to improve the conditions if necessary.

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Saving everything around it.

Drug addictions are often seen as personal experiences and many might not take into consideration the fact that drugs and other substances can turn loving and caring homes into battle zones. Support for family members can often be overlooked and seen as unnecessary, when in fact, it is just as important as the support given to the addict.

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On the employment of asylum seekers

Let’s get straight to the point: I found an article on the Helsinki website describing the employment of people with a foreign background, and the site offers a very comprehensive package about the subject. However, the whole thing talks about immigrants in their entirety, so I’ll put snippets here of what was said about asylum seekers: 

  • Seeking employment is often most difficult when coming from countries with large numbers of asylum seekers and refugees.
  • Those who have lived in Finland for a longer period of time are better employed. The positive development is also reflected in increased earned income and an increase in owner-occupied housing. 
  • The unemployment rate of Somalis, Iraqis and Afghans is clearly higher and the employment rate is lower than that of the native population. These countries have often come to Finland as refugees, through the asylum application process or as a result of family reunification. These background groups also highlight the low employment rate of women, especially in the first years of living in Finland. Many of Helsinki’s immigrants, especially those with a Turkish background, work as entrepreneurs.  
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