How Me and Mine got Included by Child Protective Services

This blog post is written from the perspective of someone (aka Me) whose family has a clientship with child protective services. And from this perspective, I try to evaluate what measures, methods and services provided by the child protective services have reinforced my family’s inclusion to our society. 

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Informal care – What is it?

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Informal care, or omaishoitajuus, is when a person looks after a relative in need of special care. The most common situation is when a person ages to the point of not being able to take care of themselves anymore, and the spouse or other loved one takes the responsibility of being the caregiver instead of putting them into an elderly home.

The area which is often overlooked is the 15% that take care of children. These include cases of mentally handicapped or otherwise disabled children. There are also the rarer, but equally important cases of children with serious illnesses, for example cancer. People often forget that when being caregiver of one’s child, usually the ”job” lasts for the rest of their lives, not only a few years like in many cases of being a caregiver for elderly. Now I’ll go on to introduce our imaginary example family, whose daily life we’ll be also exploring in the upcoming blogposts.

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Introducing: Breaking the circle

We are three 2nd year Social Services students writing under the aliases Lil´ Lion, Aurora and Yrjänä. This is our blog about substance abuse and different topics related to it. Among these topics we will also consider how to exert influence while promoting and reinforcing inclusion within this client group together with working life partners.

The Constant Battle

Before I applied to study in the University of Applied Sciences, I read gloomy opinions on internet discussion forums that it is not worth studying the social services because there are no jobs available. I heard the same from friends and relatives. I decided that I would not let it affect me, applied, was accepted  and I was proud of my decision. Now that I’m in the second year of my studies I have started to look around for job opportunities but also started to notice the realities of the field, and the opportunities to influence my future work. It is difficult to think in advance what working life will be like in the field, and I have actively tried to look for working life experiences in the social services field. While searching for information on our group’s topic on child protection, I came across a few articles that dealt with the crisis in child protection in Vantaa and decided to look into it in more detail.

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Immigrant Bloggers

 In this blog, we are going to tell you about refugees coming to Finland. How the process works from the beginning, when they were still in refugee camps and how they got the chance to come to Finland, etc. The main subjects we will focus on in the blog are: 

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Social worker vs social counsellor working in child protection

My first blog post is about the differences between the job descriptions of a social worker and social counsellor especially in the field of child protective services in Finland. In this particular case I look at a social counsellor as someone who has completed the Bachelor’s degree in Social Services in a University of Applied Sciences.

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We are three second year students studying social services in Tikkurila’s campus. Our topic for this blog is informal care for children. We chose this topic because working with children is important to all of us and within all informal care cases, being caregiver to one’s own child is only 15%. Elderly informal care is a more common topic, so we wanted to raise awareness of children’s informal care.

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The D-Word

What you’re about to read is an open-minded exploration of the world of disabilities.
We want information to be easily digestible for the general public.
We bring the blog live to promote inclusion in the society and bring our contribution to de-stigmatisation of life with disabilities.
Welcome to our blog!

Growing Pains – Introduction

This blog is created by three Social Services students blogging under aliases pp78338, TUTTELIMOYKKYNEN and icelatte. Our objective is to gain experience in professional blogging in order to exert influence in the Social Services Sector. We strive to write our blog posts considering the core of the blog which is exerting influence in the Social Care System, inclusion and how to promote these in cooperation with customers and other actors in the field

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