Creating a Social Media Campaign for Interfire Products

International marketing is becoming more and more important. On the one hand, due to globalization, but also because the importance of social media continues to grow. Many companies want to sell their products in more markets than just their home market. This spring we have the opportunity to take the visibility of Interfire Products Oy beyond Finland by creating and implementing an international digital marketing campaign.

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Service Design & Value Proposal of Museum shop

Our client: Finish glass museum.

The team: Jenni Koski, Monica Ordiales, Milja Laako, Tuomo Schneck, Elisa Kallunki, Rosaliina Viljanen & Nuria Monge. Through the method P2P of the Laurea University on the project of Service and Value Proposal of Museum Shop.

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Sauna and Social Isolation – The Finnish Experience

Loneliness kills (Heikkinen and Lönnqvist 1995). It is associated with increased mortality risk for both men and women, along with a higher risk of the onset of disability as well as a 64% increased chance of developing clinical dementia (Jopling 2020, 7). Loneliness hung about me in my first few weeks in Finland so for the sake of my health, and possibly yours, let’s learn a little more about it.

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Green finance in the game – the first part

In August 2021, we started a green financing project. In our project, we design and develop an educational game for high school students. The aim of the game is to train young people to invest sustainably. Our project team consists of five students; two exchange students (from Germany and France) and three Laurea students. With this team, we develop a game created by a previous project team.

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Simulators as a modern teaching method

The main purpose of this project is to find new resellers for our client’s products and help our client to enter the new market areas. That may sound like an easy task, but when you take a closer look at the subject and our client’s product, you realize that this is not about picnic in the park. Customers and resellers for products like this cannot be found on every corner, but that doesn’t bother us, because if these projects were easy, everyone would do this work. The client of this project is a Finnish company called Nordic Simulators Oy. They have almost 20 years of experience in healthcare education and building different types of realistic simulators and simulation facilities.

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Beginning of the project with a startup company – FireSea Equipment Oy

FireSea Equipment Oy is a new startup company that makes fire safety solutions for electric vehicles. They started in spring 2020 their business.

The company found out a few years ago that extinguishing the fire from an electric vehicle is very hard. Because electric vehicles are getting more popular, there must be a solution to deal with electric vehicle fires. So, the company decided to build a pool for the electric vehicles, which will be filled with water if there happens a fire. Electric fires need a massive amount of water to get extinguished, so drowning the car, will prevent the fire from spreading everywhere.

The company’s founder had the idea to patent the plan in April 2020. FireSea Equipment Oy was established in the spring of 2020 to develop a patented product and build a prototype. This product will prevent any kind of safety harm, which might happen if firemen are trying to extinguish the fire.

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1 Project – 2 universities – 5 companies

We all know the concept of P2P-teams but what we don’t know is how a cooperation within two universities and many different companies from different continents can work. But today is the day you will learn about it!

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A journey through the wonderful world of internationalization

The current times have challenged internationalization in unforeseen ways. As borders have closed and travel restrictions tightened the internationalization efforts have also come to a halt, at least when it comes to mobilities. At another front, this unusual era has worked as a propeller for innovation, harnessed to discover alternative routes of internationalization. In between obstacles and innovation, we are living exciting times when it comes to the future prospects of internationalization of higher education. This is also visible in the new Erasmus+ programme season (2021-2027) where the priorities are set on inclusivity, environment and climate action, and digital transformation.  The future is sustainable, digital and includes us all.

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Restaurant Nolla and Mission Zero Foodprint

Restaurant Nolla is an unique pioneer restaurant in the Mission Zero Foodprint project. Restaurant Nolla originated when Luka Balac, Albert Franch Sunyer and Carlos Henriques wanted to establish a communal and responsible restaurant. As the name implies Nolla – Zero, the starting point and purpose of the operation is to be a zero-waste restaurant and generate as little waste as possible. They implement this philosophy in all their activities. Other restaurants can take an idea or more of their holistic zero waste philosophy.

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Mission Zero Foodprint – digital solutions

The Mission Zero Foodprint pilot restaurants have been working with one of three digital solutions in order to combat the idea of sustainability to whichever solution they deem fit for them. The tested solutions are provided by Clonet, TotalCtrl and HukkaAI. These three digital solutions are trying to combat a certain aspect of sustainability that has become very important in today’s standards for how restaurants could become more sustainable.

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Krapihovi and Mission Zero Foodprint

Take a look Krapihovi, one of the Mission Zero Foodprint pilot restaurants! It´s located on the shores of Lake Tuusulajärvi, 30 km from center of Helsinki and 15 km from Helsinki Vantaa Airport. Restaurant Krapihovi offers a rich, Finnish buffet, where pure and fresh ingredients from the surrounding area are especially important. Buffet dishes vary according to the seasons. 

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