Creating a Social Media Campaign for Interfire Products

International marketing is becoming more and more important. On the one hand, due to globalization, but also because the importance of social media continues to grow. Many companies want to sell their products in more markets than just their home market. This spring we have the opportunity to take the visibility of Interfire Products Oy beyond Finland by creating and implementing an international digital marketing campaign.

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Youth economic management

The financial management of young people is very important. The modern world offers a lot of new ways to spend money which didn’t even exist before. Because of this spending money by young people and things linked to it are on a shaky base. Concreteness in the use of money has deteriorated as the use of money has become electronic. For this reason, the relationship with money is distorted and young people may not feel like he or her is giving up anything and still receives concrete products.

In our project which is about sustainable financial management for young people, we have researched different kinds of tools for your financial management and tried to look for cons and pros.

I made a survey for my project members to tell about their financial management and received interesting data. According to my survey which i held for my team, my project members have been able to manage their finances better than me. According to the survey they’re pleased with their own financial management. They have been able to prepare for the future and start saving money from a young age. Me on the other hand haven’t been so good with my finances. When i received my first credit card i spent money on really stupid things. Only after i had to earn my own money i realized the importance of using money wisely and the importance of saving.

Asset management

Some young people don’t have knowledge of simple things such as interest rates and their own monthly expenses. This may lead into taking risky loans with high interest. These kind of loans are marketed as easy money and often lead to financial problems.

Most young people aren’t affected by financial problems though. Big portion of young people have their personal finances in a good shape. They also have long term plans in order. Some young people live in the moment without thinking about the long term effects of their spending and consumption. Nowadays saving, investing and respectively spending money has been made easier trough electrification.

Oour teams favourite way of saving was clearly a housing savings account. Next in the line were regular saving accounts and different funds. I have invested in funds which are relatively safe and are able to atleast cover inflation. Based on the responses my team members are able to plan theur finances in the long run. For example making a budget for the year and monitoring their spending from their banks application.

The most challenging part in their lives has been between the ages of 20 and 25. Transition phase from their parents house to their own apartment and increase in expenditure is a difficult period. When moving to their own apartment you have to pay for living expenses and think about where to put the excess money after paying for necessities. Some people aren’t that good at the assesment of own expenditure so they might get in trouble with their finances.

Schools involvement

There is a need for teaching financial management among young people, but the working time of teachers to prepare a course, for example, is really short. In our project, we have gone trough various tools related to improving the financial management of young people. For example, these tools and ready-made materials could easily be utilized in teaching.

We agree with the team members that the school has not gone trough enough things related to personal finances. The school’s teaching focused more on macroeconomics. Instead of school, we have received the most guidance on saving, financial management and investing from friends, parents and finding our for ourselves. The school’s involvement in teaching personal financial management hasn’t been that big. There are a wide range of services and tools available to young people from which to learn about their own financial management, and these services should be brought to the attention of young people.

The SFinLit Project

We worked on a project with the University of Laurea as a client. This project will ultimately be used by several universities and schools around the world. Our project consists of developing a digital marketing campaign plan for a more general Green litaracy financial project. Thus, following interviews, studies and analyzes, we have created a complete plan that can be adapted to a global project.

Ultimately, our project will mainly be used for the deployment of another global project. This project is the SFinLit Project and it consists to develop sustainable financial literacy skills of young students, introducing financial decision making not only from an economic perspective but also considering extra-financial aspects (social, environmental and good governance).

The main tasks we had to solve were:

  • To innovate and design fun digital learning material for secondary school students
  • To interview specialist about green/sustainable finance
  • To benchmark green and sustainable finance certificates globally
  • To develop a usefull communication plan 

Clearly, our project had for goal as a whole:

  • Digital training material ​
  • Tools and guidelines for training Sustainable Financial Literacy for secondary school level programme​
Here is a timeline of the different stages that we have defined and detailed in our project.

The life of an Erasmus student at Laurea – SFinLit Project

My name is Geoffroy Rauch, I am a French student in the 2nd year of business school in Paris. I am in ERASMUS at Laurea University of Applied Sciences on the Hyvinkää campus for 6 months since January 2021. 

First of all, I chose Laurea and especially the Hyvinkää campus for the very professional aspect that the university offers in particular thanks to the group project which makes us work on a group mission of about 6 people directly with a Finnish or international company. 

One of my projects is in direct collaboration with the University of Laurea, which gave us the mission of developing a digital learning channel for secondary school students in order to train them and raise their awareness on financial decisions and on the management of a capital but without using only the economic aspect but also by using extra financial perspectives such as the social, environmental and good governance aspect. But also make them aware of the impact of an investment and how to manage an investment strategy. 

Once this project is completed, it will be used in many universities, schools and banks around the world. 

This way of working in a project was a very big change for me who is used to working very academically. The program offered by Laurea is a real added value that follows on from my very technical education received in France. In addition, I was able to learn a lot about Finnish culture thanks to my project mates and my teacher since Laurea, in order to integrate Erasmus students as well as possible, places at most two Erasmus students per project group and around 6 Finnish students. The many meetings that I had with my teammates and my teacher were more than moments of work but were real moments of sharing on the way of working and the Finnish culture. 

In addition, the campus of the University of Laurea in Hyvinkaa is very modern and allows us to perfectly meet the technical needs that we meet during the project, particularly with its large, very complete library which allows you to document as much as necessary on the various points discussed during the project. 

Despite the covid-19 crisis, the university has adapted by offering meetings on Teams and by giving Erasmus students the opportunity to come to campus to take advantage of the facilities. 

Events and partner search with Kokouspiste Oy during Covid-19

Organisers and event managers are facing a tough time in the current situation, while Covid-19 is shaping our everyday life. And not only the daily study routine is facing big upcoming changes, but also our cooperation partner of the project “International Benchmarking & Partner Search in Event Business” Kokouspiste Oy is facing new challenges.

Together with organisers around the world, we are monitoring the current development of the corona pandemic. We know how challenging this particular situation is for them and share their concerns. But despite the current situation in Europe, the managers Kaisa Kangasmäki and Katja Mansikkaniemi are confident enough to search and establish a cooperation between Kokouspiste Oy and a partner in the UK, Sweden, Denmark and/or Germany.

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Who are the members of the Garden Design Stories project?

And Yes! Our Garden Design Stories project, a landscaping garden creation company that aims to export to the United States, is worked by a group of 8 students interested in digital marketing determined in the proper development of the project. We work for months to satisfy our client so let’s do a presentation of each member of the project: 

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Finishing the project – International project in wood processing industry

Our international project started in January. Our project is about the wood processing industry and innovation in it. The beginning of the project, was a bit nerve-wracking, but at the same time exciting start, because most of our project team haven’t worked on a multicultural project before. But very quickly, our teamwork started to improve. There have been many phases in our project and every step has been different. This made the project more interesting. The project time went very quickly, and we are happy with the results of our work.

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From interviews to the market plan – Töysän Kenkätehdas

In this project, from the get-go our aim has been the creation of a Go-to-Market plan for our client, Töysän Kenkätehdas, who are aiming for the Japanese shoe market. Until now, we have used methods such as surveys and interviews to acquire the appropriate data regarding the target country’s market.

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En­tre­pre­neurs can’t manage alone, everyone needs networks

An alumni interview with Amina Mohamed, multiprofessional in social services and founder of the company Qj-Diasporassa.

Amina Mohamed graduated as Bachelor of Social Services from Laurea’s Tikkurila campus in 2012, and after a few years of work experience, Amina also completed a Master’s degree in Social Services and graduated as Master of Social Services in 2019.

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