Home is a primary need for human life and having a beautiful home can be a dream for many.
Without a home there probably would not be human life, however there are different homes in the world and what means home to me may not mean home to someone else. That is the fact about life, it is different and exciting. I can enter someone’s home and immediately have assumptions about them or I can just be quiet and enjoy the different environment such as religious, cultural or the smell of food.

There are people whom have alot of items in their homes and are happy with that and there are people whom are simple and prefer simplicity. The second part is me, from a rather small age the house where I grew up and the room I slept in was rather simple. My childhood home was clean and well organised, my mother had a rather small room in her chilhood home, she was brought up in a large family, family of 11 siblings. She had to share her small room with her 6 sisters and she grew up sharing alot in her childhood home wich affected her in a positive way, she is a selfless and tidy person.
Our chilhood homes differ from our adulthood homes, our chilhood homes can affect us in many different ways, we cannot choose our parents or where we are brought up. As adults we become excited about our first ”own” home and might even be more free in a way.

Why is home so important?
Family: A person without a home cannot plan for a family. Even among birds female bird chooses that male which has built a good home. Similarly, among humans, the bride opts for a groom who is well settled with a good house.This indicates that a family requires a proper home which is well furnished and gives proper support and security.

Health: Home is essential for proper health. If we are continuously roaming around we will not be healthy but a proper house gives sufficient relaxation for better health. Further, due to protection from the harsh environment, we are less prone to diseases.
To keep up good health we can practice some sort of exercises. By walking or jogging and exercises like yoga and warm-ups can be done at home. Home is one of the best places for practicing yoga and meditation.

Security: House is a place of strong security. We can save our belongings and other valuables in our home. It is the safest place if it is well equipped. This helps to safeguard our valuables from robbery and theft.

Relief from stress: If one is tired due to his work or other activities, he runs for his home for relief from stress. Staying at home can be one of the best ways to escape from stress and anxiety. Also during retirement home is the best place to spend your time.

Freedom: House is a place where one can enjoy complete freedom. He lives as he likes and does what he wants. There would be no restriction inside as he is not causing trouble in society.
In some places or homes, there are restrictions even to smoke. Also, those who practice religion can do it in their homes.

Comfort: Home is the place where one can equip maximum comforts like air conditioning, bathing, dining, bed and other comforts to a maximum level. Since it is also a permanent solution, one would be enjoying the comforts for a long time.

Peace of mind: Home is the best place for peace of mind. If one has a happy family then there would be no place other than home for complete peace of mind.

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