University of Alicante – Day 4

Today we had the pleasure of visiting Hospital General Universitario De Alicante.

First we heard an introduction about the public hospital and the healthcare system.

We were divided into three groups for a tour of the hospital. We visited two departments: the dermatological research department and the pediatric ward. We also had a lecture about medical research.

Cristina Sierras telling us about clinical trials
Pediatric ward playground on the roof of the hospital.

Pediatric ward visit was delightful as you can see. We also had the opportunity to see patient rooms and meet a few patients and their parents. Families often stay with the patients during the treatments.

After siesta we went back to the campus for lectures and cases about Health Improvement Science (HIS). First, we familiarized ourselves with SWOT analysis and the PDCA cycle. After this we had a lecture about dementia and how the game of chess might delay its onset.

This was our last day at the university campus and now we are going to enjoy our evening as our lecturers told us to do.

Jerita, Jarno, Rita and Veera.

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