Exerting influence

Our task for this course was to exert influence. Influence according to Cambridge dictionary is “the power to have an effect on people or things”(No name, nd). Exerting is described “to use something such as  authority, power, influence, etc. in order to make something happen.” (No name, Nd) . Both of these definitions have negative sound in them. In the social services field there many of the workers use their power to evert influence in a negative way. Usually we are working with clients that are vulnerable under our influence. How we use this power of ours depends on a person. Many articles have been written on neglection. I found one article from Yle uutiset web page. There were stories about how parents who have lost their disabled children due to wrong or uncaring treatment see us care givers in social field. I have also witnessed mishandling from caregiver to autistic child.

Where does this mistreatment come then? Some is due to lack of proper education of workers. Most of them are practical nurses that lack education in communication and interaction skills according to Susanna Hintsala who works as a head of citizenship unit in disability union. Parents also believe that when municipalities are providing services that has run thru competitive access they are receiving bad treatment. That might be right if companies have to lower their price tag in order to sell their services to municipalities they have to cut down from something. Usually it has seen that they cut down from employees salaries or they run it with minimum staff. There are employees names on worksheets that don’t necessarily even work in that sift or works in the building but not with the customers.

Not for sale is citizens’ initiative that is running for termination of competitive tendering for assistance and support for persons with disabilities.  

“We object to the provision of lifelong essential services for persons with disabilities in accordance with procurement law through competitive tendering.”

“Competitive access to essential assistance and support for people with disabilities is against the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.”

The initiative was signed by 72 059 supporters. At the moment the expert group gathered from the ministry of social affairs and health will begin to address parliamentary statements made on the basis of the “Not for sale” Citizens Initiative. It is expected to complete its work by the end of summer 2020.

Lets hope that exerting influence is done by us, future social workers, by using our power on behalf of those who cant do it by themselves.

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  1. Maiju Rundman

    I’ve been freelancing one of the group homes for disabled children, and although at the moment they – at least in most shifts- have enough staff, some workers there told me that a few years ago they had only 2 staff members with 12 clients, when 6 was the minimum requirement. And I also noticed the fact you mentioned in your text, that some of the staff members lack of some skills needed in that field. I’m not saying that I would be a perfect worker in that field either, but I try to think that those children could be my own, and treat them from that perspective.