Hope for all

People are from different place and migration makes us live in a different environment than where we were born, lived our childhood or adulthood. It changes our perspective of life, norms and values. igration influence can be both positive and negative on the societal and individual level, shaping an individual in all perspective.

Every migrant has a reason why they left their home country. It could be due to personal reasons, studies, climate change, war etc. Should a person still be called an immigrant even if they have obtained their nationality What happens to the children of the immigrants who have lived more than 50 years in the country? Should they be excluded and left out as a national of a country that they were born and raised in? Should they continue be labelled as an immigrant?

When they make root in their newfound land, they sometimes forget about their past and dreams they once had. Sometimes we feel rejected in our new society and sometimes we feel included. It brings mix feelings on why we had to leave our comfort zone to end up in another zone where we know nothing about but constantly having to proof ourselves. As an immigrant, listening to the story of the individual where I buy my native raw food and ingredient from and how he narrates the feeling he had when he visited his home country after a long seven years away. It brought tears to my eyes. We all want to return to our origin one day, were we feel we can share a sense of belonging without having to be reminded about our difference but for some others, it may be a difficult thing to do.   

It is important that support systems are established to enable immigrant to become empowered in the society. Empowerment is necessary because it promotes inclusion and total wellbeing. Reflecting on the activities we had during our project at African care. One of the women reflected how she had dreams and vision of building a home but when another immigrant woman asked her where she would build the home. She said not in her home country but here in Finland.

In a way it brought out a thought that as we immigrant get rooted in our new home, we develop a sense of attachment especially when the person migrated as a young child, the individuals values has changed and they see themselves as a member of their new society. They have learnt the language, the culture, the food has become their favourite and maybe formed a relationship with a native of the country. In my opinion, the country is now their home. I hope one day, we can all get to accept one another and make the world a better place for you and me. 

African care has been an eye opener for me that most of the women have considered Finland their home not because they don’t have anywhere to go back to but because Finland is now their life and home belongs here.  

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