Sandy L

Playing is, perhaps, the most effective way for a child to learn. Play promotes children’s development, learning and general well-being. During play, children develop understanding about themselves and other people. Through playing, children can process whatever is going on in their lives. Imagination allows children to experience different roles and ideas.

Our group, “the could chasers” had an opportunity to go to a kindergarten to educate children about recycling, as a part of our school project. The kids were five and six year olds, so we were wondering how to educate them in an easy way in order to actually make them learn something new. We all agreed, that little children learn the best when they can play and participate as much as possible. We played several games with them and saw how that learning method worked perfectly. The children were very engaged and excited about the games that we played. And the best part is that they all learned something new. It was a successful day to all of us.

Through play a child can improve their cognitive skills, such as thinking, memory and language. The secret about learning through playing is that when playing a new game, a child needs problem solving, thinking and understanding. Those are the exact same three things that they’ll need to learn.

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  1. Nitika

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I thought that your idea of getting the children of such young age to learn a new thing through games was great. I also liked how you highlighted the importance of playing being a part of not only the children’s physical but also their mental growth. 🙂

  2. Maiju Rundman

    I agree. Importance of children`s play is often underestimated: ” Have you been just playing all day”, is probably quite a conventional question from an adult. But play is really important and there is a good reason why all children enjoy playing: It is crucial for their development as you mentioned in your text

  3. Johanna

    I totally agree.

    Children have a unique way of seeing things and also us adults we can learn new things when we watch children play. These days we just need to create moments for the free play and that is our task as adults to make it happen.

    I really loved your project idea, it was amazing.

  4. Marksman

    I totally agree with you blog, as a kindergarten worker I understand the benefits of using games and playing for teaching children something new. When the thing is interesting and fun you learn better so utilising playing is beneficial for the children but also for the teacher because he/she gets to enjoy it too.
    Ps. loved to implement this project with you 🙂