Informal Care – Child’s perspective

All our blog posts written in Maria’s or Joonatan’s point of view are partly based on the interview we did with our working life representative 

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“My name is Joonatan and I am five years old. Five is way more than four. I live with my mom and she is super strong! One time she carried me from the taxi aaaall the way to the hospital room where the nice doctor talked to me and my mom and did some examination things that would make me feel better. I felt really sick that day. I had a big tummy ache and didn’t want to eat anything because then I had to throw up. I didn’t even want chocolate ice cream which is my favourite kind of ice cream. I was really scared when they wanted to take my blood with a big needle, but now I’m not scared of the needles anymore because I am used to them, but I still don’t like them. One time I was so brave at the hospital, that I got a teddy bear as a prize! His name is Topi and he always comes with me to all of the check-up’s.  

My dad is also really strong, but he doesn’t live with us. I go to his house on some weekends when he is not at work. One time he had to work when I was there but one of his friends came to play games with me so I wouldn’t have to be alone. I wanted to go to work with him, but he said I can’t go there because there is a lot of germs there and I could get sick from them. Usually me and dad make pizza and watch movies together. We also go to the playground of a daycare that’s next to my dad’s house because there is no other kids there on weekends. I haven’t been at my daycare in a loooong time. I miss my friends Tuomas and Arttu. Mom says that I still have to wait until I can go back to my daycare but I can play with Tuomas and Arttu at our playground when there aren’t many other kids playing there. My mom usually plays with me. My favourite game is hide and seek but there aren’t many places to hide in our small home but in the forest it’s awesome! At our home my favourite hiding spot is in mom’s closet. Mom has bad hiding spots, but she taught me how to count to ten and I’m really good at it! I also know how to read, at least almost, because I know almost all of the alphabets.  

I help mom a lot with cooking, dishes and laundry. I’m the best at putting socks to dry because when mom does it, they always drop on the floor. Mom always has a big smile on her face when I help her, and she always says that I’m her greatest helper! In the evenings we often do puzzles and build big lego towers. Before brushing my teeth, I have to take my second medicine of the day but I usually can take it with orange juice so it wouldn’t taste that bad. But it’s funny that the toothpaste tastes bad after that too. The bad tastes go away when mom reads to me my bedtime story. ” 


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