Postponed post

I have been postponing this post way more than I actually planned but I guess now it has to be done, since I have to make another one within few weeks to accomplish my task.

The project started in January and I had no clue whats comin. I just heard that I am the only freshman and rest of the peeps are way more experienced, like well seasoned experts. No matter though, lets dive in to the deep end and see how I manage to survive in this pool.

I think it has been a very nice project, mainly due to the super noooice project group we have here. We got Ladies. We got a joke artist. We got lazy peon. We got exchange students. We got men. We got everything we need to make a great success.

I had no clue about social media or channels or how things work on different platforms. Yet, I volunteered for a job as Social Media “specialist”. Yeah, we decided to use specialist instead of manager, since we are upcomin specialists, or are we not? Anyway, my task is to do 2 blog posts during the project, and actually, I’m almost late, since the social media campaign is almost over and the semester is pretty much gone. But I really don’t bother myself with it too much because I think it has no value for our client. The client is more important than this title I got. I have given so much more value to our client via delaying this small thing here and been focusing on research and theory.

Oh, our client is Karotek Oy. If you have problems that are related to stainless steel, Karotek will have solutions for you!

I am not going to tell you the exact findings and results of our campaign of course, but I will go through something more deep stuff in my second and last post next month, so stay tuned. Will ya? I don’t care if you don’t, but that’s your loss.

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