Service Business Project for the Finnish Glass Museum (Plus Tips for Having a Vision!)

During this spring, we have worked in an eight-member student team for the Finnish Glass Museum located in Riihimäki. We have done research about people who visit museums and based on that information, built persona profiles the museum can use in their marketing and service design subsequently. Team has also brainstormed a large treasure box of ideas for marketing, utilizing these persona profiles. Project team wrote over hundred pages theory base about topics related in this project. Meetings with client and lecturer took place in Teams as well as our working days in general.

The picture is taken from a big hall in The Finnish Glass Museum and one can see in the picture a glimpse of Lasismi´s jubilee exhibition “Lasismi – Puhaltaa henkiin” and Tommi Toija´s exhibition “Metamorfooseja”. Artists and The Finnish Glass Museum are obviously looking into the future by respecting the history but also having a modern perspective and trying out fresh ideas. Sometimes it is good to nurture traditional things and value history with nostalgic vibes, but every successful business-owner has also an open mind for new trends and picks up from those what is valuable and useful for them, too.

In the picture the statue person rises beyond ordinary world with white glass balloons. Let´s rise above this pandemic too and let´s have a long-sighted vision for our studies, working life and everything else. This summer hasn`t been the easiest one about getting a summer job, but it is wise to study in at least one course during summertime then.

Other things I personally recommend is goal setting on paper and to-do list with Kanban board and establishing your own improvement group in WhatsApp. In that group you must post a picture about your progress every week. And last but not least a tip I learned from my dog. She is an outdoor dog and hates to go indoors. So, when we walk past a crossroads, she will walk as far as she can from the path that leads to home. When you notice some habit that prevents you from succeeding and flourishing, circle it as far as you can! It may not be easy, but it´s worth it!

(Photo: Sari)

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