250 000 Fellow Sufferers

In Finland, there are approximately 250 000 people, who are suffering from depression (Janhonen, 2019).

Pixabay. 2019.

Helsingin Sanomat collected data about depressed persons’ everyday life and got almost 500 answers from the readers. One of the respondents was Mika Tukiainen, 48 years. Tukiainen is a father of four children, a teacher at the university and he takes care of himself by exercising. No one could tell based on his appearance, that he has been depressed for over 25 years (Janhonen, 2019).

Psychiatry professor Erkki Isometsä says, that one of the signs of depression can be problems processing information. It is hard to focus on anything and your mind is down. In most cases, mildly depressed persons can work normally but already moderate depressive episodes might demand sick leave. The more serious the depression is, usually the more difficult it is to take care of daily life. Still, it is good to keep in mind that also mild depression can cause serious distress. According to Isometsä, you should take tiny steps forward and listen to yourself. Regular daily rhythm, nutrition, and exercising might help. You should also avoid intoxicants (Janhonen, 2019).

After suffering 25 years of depression, Tukiainen has finally accepted the fact, that he won’t ever recover fully from his depression. Isometsä recalls, that it might be more effective to accept your condition and focus on such things, what promotes your recovery. Depression is a mental disorder and accepting it might be difficult. The disease should never define anyone’s life (Janhonen, 2019).

Mieli.fi. 2019.

If you think you could be depressed, there are few great low-threshold online services that could be useful. With the help of Mielenterveystalo.fi symptom navigator, you can find out information about possible guidance and support services, which could be suitable for you. Mieli.fi webpage offers information and support services, which you might find useful.

Remember – You are not alone. Remember – You don’t need to be ashamed of.

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