Changes to come

There is a lot of discussion about what kinda changes need to be done and in what time they are trying to do them in. As we all know there are a lot of problems with elderly care and shortage of workers. Our prime minister Sanna Marin has a plan that by 1.4.2023 there would be about 0,7 workers towards one client as to what we they are suppose to have 0,5 workers per client. The idea is great but i am interested to see how they are going to make it happens since we are getting more and more elderly people and less caretakers. They also are making changes to the home care system as well. The new regulations that are being made are the first part of our prime minister Sanna Marin´s government agenda. The aim is to particularly improve the quality and availability of home services and diversity of housing for the elderly. The key factor here is the staffing structure in making sure that high quality and appropriate for the elderly services and make sure that customer and patient safety and proper medication safety are included.

Personally I know that these is a big problem since i have worked at an elderly home and seen how stressful it can be i really really hope that there will a solution that will help everyone the workers and the clients.


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  1. Did you know that at the time when there were so many asylum seekers and refugees in 2015, there was an (vocal) attempt to turn things around so that asylum seekers would come to our rescue with our problem with the ageing population. Whatever happened with that notion, I wonder?

    The problems of care for the elderly will not be solved without an increase in the number of staff and recourses. Which will go ahead – the economy or ethics and humanity?