Market research with Mavatech

We are conducting a Market Research for a Finnish family-owned company Mavatech. This company manufactures decontamination products such as emulsion sprayers, emulsions, decontamination showers and decontamination systems. 

We help Mavatech to find services in Norway, Denmark, Germany and Sweden for cooperation. In order to better understand and study the necessary market sector in these countries our group is analyzing the business environment using PESTLE framework.

We found and contacted by e-mail the biggest services of Norway, Denmark, Germany and Sweden. We also asked questions that can help Mavatech to find the best potential customers in this market. If we will not get answers to our e-mails, we are going to contact with them via phone.

If we talk about PESTLE-analysis, the students of our team have practically completed it, still remains to arrange everything correctly and comment on it. This task is not very difficult for us as we constantly discuss this issue, share useful links and help each other.

We also wrote a second theory base and had a mid-term evaluation, on which the teacher asked questions about written materials, and I think that all the students coped perfectly.

As for teamwork, it has noticeably become better than before. Despite of the different lifestyles and mentality, all the teammates try to do all the tasks efficiently and on time. And, for instance, if someone has problems, the team treats them with understanding; when some questions appear, everyone gets a quick answer and help in our chat.

I’m sure that our team is very good, and all people do their work diligent. We have an excellent project manager who takes a responsible approach to fulfilling her role, her deputy will always answer all questions and help. The well-being coordinator offers excellent material to distract a little from studying and feel better, her deputy also helps in this and performs his duties. The secretary and her deputy make excellent memos and agendas and send them on time. The communication coordinator and his deputy also work together and share responsibilities. In general, I think that our team is doing an excellent job and each student is expanding their knowledge in this field.

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