SMA – 3 letters that changed our lives.

The school taxi had dropped me off at my familiar stop. The wooden yellow mailbox by the side of the road, covered with first snow of October, crispy air which indicated the long winter was on its way. From the main road you could almost see our big yellow house, which in the afternoon twilight looked warm and welcoming, all that was left was the last few skips and a curve and I was home. At school that day I had barely kept my cool, all we had talked about was my 7th birthday – and who was invited. I remember wishing my mom a birthday cake – bananas and strawberry jam with whipped cream, which she had promised to bake. I rushed the last few steps, opened the front door and found my mom crying in the kitchen. “Your little sister has gone to heaven” she whispered quietly, as the tears ran down her face.

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