It depends on how you look at it

One might think that chatting about pandemic and all the affects it has had on the world and people, would turn out to be quite a bummer of a conversation.
However, when Klaus was sharing his view on the current situation and on our other blogpost topics, this was not the case. He had a way of shining a positive light on everything which made it easy to gather the right mindset for this post.

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Changes to come

There is a lot of discussion about what kinda changes need to be done and in what time they are trying to do them in. As we all know there are a lot of problems with elderly care and shortage of workers. Our prime minister Sanna Marin has a plan that by 1.4.2023 there would be about 0,7 workers towards one client as to what we they are suppose to have 0,5 workers per client. The idea is great but i am interested to see how they are going to make it happens since we are getting more and more elderly people and less caretakers. They also are making changes to the home care system as well. The new regulations that are being made are the first part of our prime minister Sanna Marin´s government agenda. The aim is to particularly improve the quality and availability of home services and diversity of housing for the elderly. The key factor here is the staffing structure in making sure that high quality and appropriate for the elderly services and make sure that customer and patient safety and proper medication safety are included.

Personally I know that these is a big problem since i have worked at an elderly home and seen how stressful it can be i really really hope that there will a solution that will help everyone the workers and the clients.


SMA – 3 letters that changed our lives.

The school taxi had dropped me off at my familiar stop. The wooden yellow mailbox by the side of the road, covered with first snow of October, crispy air which indicated the long winter was on its way. From the main road you could almost see our big yellow house, which in the afternoon twilight looked warm and welcoming, all that was left was the last few skips and a curve and I was home. At school that day I had barely kept my cool, all we had talked about was my 7th birthday – and who was invited. I remember wishing my mom a birthday cake – bananas and strawberry jam with whipped cream, which she had promised to bake. I rushed the last few steps, opened the front door and found my mom crying in the kitchen. “Your little sister has gone to heaven” she whispered quietly, as the tears ran down her face.

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Influencing in the substance abuse services

When interviewing the professional from a substance abuse organization we asked about one of the main topics of our course: influencing. It feels like a huge topic to begin with. It gets easier to understand when you cut it into smaller pieces; How and when can a client influence within the services they are offered? How can a professional influence and in which issues? And why is it important for them to use their chances to do so?

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Cutting the Sting of Stigma

The sting of stigma can be intensely painful to those affected by it. It influences individuals who may be every bit as creative, intelligent, talented and humanly flawed as the next person. People who suffer from substance dependence, are heavily stigmatized in the eyes of the society. They are often not acknowledged as complex individuals, but are rather defined by their substance reliance.

To put things into perspective, i would like to evoke a quick time lapse to the ancient Greece. In ancient Greece, “stigma” referred to a skin mark they left on the bodies of criminals, slaves, and traitors to identify them as immoral. These people were ritually polluted, looked down on and avoided.

The origin of stigma´s definition truly makes you raise an eyebrow, considering that this is more or less, what occurs in our modern, “civilized” society. Stigmatized people today might not be given a skin mark, but they are given discriminative labels. Labels which portray them as indecent and outlawed. Collective discrimination is still very much awoken in our society. This prevailing, due to generational prejudices and harmful stereotypes.

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Inclusion in the child protective services

In the final blog post of our group, I set out to outline the possibilities the working life representatives we interviewed for this course have of reinforcing inclusion in their respective fields. We interviewed three professionals working in different units of child protective services and in this post I shall explain how they see their opportunities to affect their clients perception of being included.

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Unaccompanied minors seeking for asylum

Last Friday, 20th of November, the Finnish flag was raised to poles for the first time in honor of the international World Children’s Day. One of the day’s mission is to raise awareness about children’s rights and to bring up to discussion children’s wellbeing, which is continuously under threat by wars and crises around the world. I got inspired by this day and wanted to dedicate this blog post to examine the status of children and minors, who have come to seek asylum in Finland alone without their guardians.

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Checklist: are you an ally for a person with disability?

Positive changes in attitude towards disability and people with disability are on the way, and it would be right of us to do out part by checking ourselves and our attitudes, regarding this topic. There are many web resources out there teaching us to be better allies for people with disabilities, but I attempted to put together to my best ability the most comprehensive checklist. Read on!

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Is it possible to feel lonely in a nursing home?

Photo: Pixabay

We often talk about the loneliness of those individuals, who live alone in their own home. But what about those who live in a nursing home, can they be lonely even thought they are surrounded by other elderly and the staff?

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How COVID-19 has affected the clientele

The number of asylum seekers has clearly decreased during the current pandemic. In April, Migri stated that no asylum applications had been submitted at Finland’s borders since the restrictions on border traffic were implemented on 19 March 2020. Asylum interviews – where the applicant’s identity is determined, the reason for seeking asylum and the itinerary on how they came to Finland is discussed -, only the busiest were carried out.

The interviews happen on premises where workers and customers can be adequately protected against possible infections. The interview rooms used have, among other things, protective plexuses to protect against droplet infections. The interviews can be done remotely.

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