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BarLaurea and MissionZeroFoodprint

BarLaurea is one of our pilot restaurants working with Mission Zero Foodprint. BarLaurea is a restaurant that is located at Laurea University of Applied Sciences inside the Leppävaara campus. It is not located in any other university locations so this is one of a kind. We decided to interview one of the heads of the establishment Restaurant Manager Teemu Sirainen to get a bit of …

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Nikolas, Bachelor of Business Information Technology: Finnish skills are important for job-seekers

Nikolas Kapali, 32, is from Nepal and now lives in Vantaa. When he moved to Finland for a relationship, he did not speak any Finnish. All he knew about Finland was where it is, and little about the culture and climate. “I started studying Finnish after I moved here. At first, the language did not …

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En­tre­pre­neurs can’t manage alone, everyone needs networks

An alumni interview with Amina Mohamed, multiprofessional in social services and founder of the company Qj-Diasporassa. Amina Mohamed graduated as Bachelor of Social Services from Laurea’s Tikkurila campus in 2012, and after a few years of work experience, Amina also completed a Master’s degree in Social Services and graduated as Master of Social Services in 2019.

Abandoned at The Shores of Europe.

                                               Aid agencies  have longed warned of dire conditions at Moria, Europe’s largest migrant camp where more than 12,500 people live in around a facility built to house just over 2,750. The camp is housing those fleeing violence and poverty in the middle East, Africa, and Afghanistan. It has become a symbol of what critics …

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No future no Hope

Asylum is granted to people fleeing persecution or serious harm in their own country and therefore in need of international protection. Asylum is therefore a fundamental right, granting it is an international obligation. (EU Commission. Migration, and home affairs)

The end

Picture from Pixabay Thank you for everyone who has read our blog about informal care! Special thanks to the amazing working life representatives who helped us to understand the life of a caregiver and their children. We have learned a lot while writing this blog and hope that the readers have also received a lot of information about informal care families and the obstacles they face in their …

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Informal Care – Child’s Perspective

All our blog posts written in Maria’s or Joonatan’s point of view are partly based on the interview we did with our working life representative “I really miss my friends. It’s not as fun to play with legos alone, usually friends give ideas and build cities with me. Sometimes mom plays with me, but she …

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