Is Social Media Good For Children?

Social media plays a huge role in people’s lives these days. Wherever you go, you’ll see people staring at their phones, almost 24/7. People share a lot of their personal information on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. (sometimes too personal, if you ask me…) There’s so many good things about social media and it makes our life easier, no one can deny that. You can find information, read the news, find friends, communicate with other people, listen to music and things like that. Most of the time, it’s fun.

Then, there’s this other side of social media. As its worst, social media can be a tool for bullying. The sad part is that they’re not only the kids who bully others online. Grown ups do that a lot, too. Very often people defend themselves by saying that they have the “right for their opinion.” That is true, we all have our right to our own opinions but is that still just an “opinion” when it comes to someone else’s appearance, for example? When does it count as bullying? I’ve seen very young kids writing hurtful things to other people on YouTube, Instagram etc. Facebook requires their users to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account. If i recall correctly, the age limit is the same in most apps. However, you can always fake your age online so there is, unfortunately, a lot of younger people online too. In my opinion parents should be well aware of their child’s internet use. I also think that grown ups should set good examples for children. The age limits are there for a reason. No one should let their child use those apps before they’re old enough. I don’t have children myself yet but when I do, I never want my own kids to bully others online. Is it hard to keep children off the internet, because it’s a part of everyday life but what we can and should do is supervise and limit their time that they spend on their phones and computers and guide them how to use the internet responsibly and safely.

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1 thought on “Is Social Media Good For Children?”

  1. Thank you, Sandy, for your post. I like that you exposed here a real and common problem in nowadays society. Adults and children looking to their phones instead of socializing with others and; the bullying that exists in social media. Personally, I’ve received bullying in social media and constantly feel the competition between people, either to be the best parent or even the one with a better life, but at least we adults can protect from this more easily than a child. Children should not be using social media at all unless they are at the age for that. I agree with you when you say that is parents job to set limits on the use of social media. But in general, all society should use less screen time.

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