Searching for home


What is home? Home is where your family is. Where you feel most comfortable at with people you are comfortable with. A place in which you can be yourself and don’t have to worry about others judging you. A place where you feel safe. That should be the answer, but is that always the case?

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Is Social Media Good For Children?

Social media plays a huge role in people’s lives these days. Wherever you go, you’ll see people staring at their phones, almost 24/7. People share a lot of their personal information on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. (sometimes too personal, if you ask me…) There’s so many good things about social media and it makes our life easier, no one can deny that. You can find information, read the news, find friends, communicate with other people, listen to music and things like that. Most of the time, it’s fun.

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This is no isle of bliss

“The police is investigating a stabbing that took place at a Sininauhasäätiö facility for the homeless” (HS 13.7.2019)

“A big police operation in Töölö at Sininauhasäätiö facility for the homeless” (HS 14.11.2018)

“Drug abusing Sininauhasäätiö inhabitants cause trouble at Töölö library” (HS 18.7.2018)

The news are happy to tell what I think. Violence, crimes, drugs, bad behavior and big trouble. This is what I think when I hear the word Sininauhasäätiö. Our project with Sininauhasäätiö (a Finnish organization that works against homelessness) arises mixed feelings in me. I have a 15 year history in working at a second hand store located right next to Sininauhasäätiö unit in Vallila. During these years I met dozens of Sininauhasäätiö customers. Most encounters were neutral and I most likely met a huge bunch of their customers without realizing where they were coming from. But I also met so many people that threatened to kill me that I lost count. As the faces became familiar I learned to predict which people were bound to cause trouble.

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When it will become substance abuse?

I first started to think what substance abuse is and what my own idea of it is? What first comes to mind when thinking of substance abuse are drugs, but of course it can also be many other things. Constant use of substance in a harmful manner that negatively affects your mental, physical or social life is a simple definition of substance abuse. But when do you become a substance abuser and not just a person who is using some substance? When will it become a problem and harmful to you? I think its use becomes harmful when it starts to have an effect on your everyday life and has an impact on your personal relationships.  Although, broad range of substance abuse in today’s society is not that simple.

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Housing first – principle

According to ARA (asumisen rahoittamis- ja kehittämiskeskus), Finland had 5 482 people without a home last year. There are homeless single people, couples and families in Finland and most of these people are living in the area of Helsinki. Many of them are staying at their friends or relatives, but there are also people living on the streets without a place to stay.



Hello everybody!

Welcome to our blog! We are Monika, Nitika, Naina and Joy, social services students in Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Tikkurila Campus. We are about to start our adventure to go deeper into the issues related homelessness from different perspectives. Hopefully we generate some discussion about the topic. We would like to invite you to walk through this journey with us, as we unfold the many different aspects of this worldwide phenomenon, which has a huge impact in the society both on the individual and general level. Aside from personal interests, the choice of this topic is mainly because we would like to shine the light on the vulnerability of the people who are in this situation.

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