When it will become substance abuse?

I first started to think what substance abuse is and what my own idea of it is? What first comes to mind when thinking of substance abuse are drugs, but of course it can also be many other things. Constant use of substance in a harmful manner that negatively affects your mental, physical or social life is a simple definition of substance abuse. But when do you become a substance abuser and not just a person who is using some substance? When will it become a problem and harmful to you? I think its use becomes harmful when it starts to have an effect on your everyday life and has an impact on your personal relationships.  Although, broad range of substance abuse in today’s society is not that simple.

Something that also awoke a discussion in our group was question ‘is alcohol a drug? Yes, alcohol is legal in Finland for over 18 year olds. You can use it and it doesn’t mean right away that you are an alcohol abuser.  Only when it harms you, your health, your social relationships, etc., is when it becomes alcohol abuse.


But, what about drugs? There has been a lot of discussion about drugs. Can they be used in medicine? Are they harmful if you only use it occasionally? In Finland it is illegal to use, sell or hold drugs without prescription.  The most common discussion that I have paid attention to has been the occasional use of cannabis. Many say or feel that they are recreational cannabis users (so-called party users) and do not perceive it to have serious harmful consequences.

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4 thoughts on “When it will become substance abuse?”

  1. Good questions, Vilja! I have a somewhat personal point of view when it comes to cannabis users, having met and known too many people whose life cannabis has ruined. I’ve seen several cases of psychosis triggered by smoking weed and it’s not a pretty sight.

    Btw, I missed the references! And your project could also have been mentioned.

    1. Thanks for the comment Anne! I understand your point well.
      And thank you for mentioning, you are right about the project could also have been mentioned!

  2. Great thinking, I agree with you. I see alcohol being just as bad for you (or even more harmful) as cannabis but I feel like it’s more socially acceptable to use alcohol than smoke weed, even if it happens occasionally. Of course, weed is illegal in Finland and alcohol isn’t so I see why it is like that.

    1. Thanks for the comment Santra!
      Yep I agree, and I believe that this aspect of the law largely affect why alcohol consumption is socially accepted than cannabis. It would be most interesting to see if the general attitude would change if cannabis were legal, for example …

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