Our No Papers, No Rights-Team

Let us introduce ourselves! We are a group of Social Services students about to embark on a project around the issue of paperless people in Finland. We are Petra, Farzad, Rui and Nick. 

Our blog will explore such topics as:

  1. The recent history of immigration in Finland, the refugee crisis and the situation now
  2. Is the rate of undocumented immigrants rising, falling or steady?
  3. International Human Rights as they apply to paperless people
  4. The contradictions between the actual situations of undocumented immigrants and their basic human rights, enshrined in international law
  5. What services are accessable to paperless people?
  6. What extra services would help?
  7. What can the average citizen do to help raise awareness and offer practical help?

Who is a paperless / undocumented person?

“Undocumented or irregular migrants are persons who do not fulfil the requirements established by the country of destination to enter, stay or exercise an economic activity”. – Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), Cairo, 1994

We will also look at the relevant legislation and talk to social work professionals working in this field, to get their perspective on the situation. We are also interested in the broader cross-section of opinions within Finnish society as they relate to immigration and we will explore this as well.

We can’t wait to begin! Follow our blog to stay informed as we take a deep dive into this topic. There will be regular posts on the aforementioned sub-topics by our international team of bloggers throughout this autumn.

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