Hello everybody!

Welcome to our blog! We are Monika, Nitika, Naina and Joy, social services students in Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Tikkurila Campus. We are about to start our adventure to go deeper into the issues related homelessness from different perspectives. Hopefully we generate some discussion about the topic. We would like to invite you to walk through this journey with us, as we unfold the many different aspects of this worldwide phenomenon, which has a huge impact in the society both on the individual and general level. Aside from personal interests, the choice of this topic is mainly because we would like to shine the light on the vulnerability of the people who are in this situation.

How do we plan to do this? We are about to carry out a project with homeless people, through which we hope to get a better understanding from the insider’s point of view as well as from the point of view of different organisations extending help and support for homeless people. Our blog is a combination of research-based approach and real-life interaction with the target group.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy writing it! 


Suurin osa Showcasen blogeista on toteutettu osana Laurean opintojaksoja. Koko koulutustarjontaamme voi tutustua nettisivuillamme. Tarjoamme kymmenien tutkintoon johtavien koulutuksien lisäksi myös paljon täydennys- ja erikoistumiskoulutuksia sekä yksittäisiä opintojaksoja avoimen AMK:n kautta!

5 thoughts on “Introduction”

  1. You have chosen an important topic, thank you for that! As long as there are homeless people, we need to keep up the conversation.

    I’m already waiting for your posts!

    Best wishes,


    1. Thank you Eliza!
      The more I start to know about this topic the heavier I feel it is. And even if it feels overwhelming and somewhat desperate to face such a giant issue, we shouldn’t give up the hope and the strong believe, that even the smallest act of easing the situation matters.
      Let’s keep in touch!

  2. Homelessness as a topic is really new but interesting to me. I really look forward to read more and also hear about your project. Homelessness is an issue especially here in a capital area and the work done to help and prevent it is really important! So keep working and posting, i`ll be waiting 🙂

    Good luck,

  3. A Nicely written introduction. Very interesting and topical. Thank you for sharing about an important and ”hiden” matter. Waiting to read and learn new information from you all :);)

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