No justice, no peace

The goal number 16 of sustainable development is peace, justice and strong institution: 

‘’Goal 16 of the Sustainable Development Goals is dedicated to the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, the provision of access to justice for all, and building effective, accountable institutions at all levels.’’ ( 2018, 1)

PEACE means living free, without having to worry for your life or about war. Being able to be yourself without fear. 

JUSTICE is righteousness. It means that we all should have the same rights no matter religion, race, sex, sexual orientation et.

INSTITUTION is a social structure, which influences people’s behavior. Strong institution is righteous and peaceful.

In this video sustainable goal is explained well. I would recommend watching it;

For years people have had to protest and fight for their basic human rights. Sometimes protest was enough and sometimes violence was needed. In the end though most people got what they wanted. 

In many countries’ women had to fight for their rights. All they wanted and still want is to be treated equally to men. Being able to vote, work and earn as much as men etc. Women had to fight this fight in many countries and for many years. Which they have achieved. Women have more rights nowadays than before, in most countries.

The LGBTQ+ community have had to fight for their rights for many years too. They were murdered and treated like trash for a long time. After protesting and fighting back, they got rights for same sex marriage, being able to adopt, etc. They have had to fight to be able to be themselves, without fear.

Then there are people color, being abused and killed for being colored. Colored people have been fighting for their freedom for a long time. They were enslaved and after many years of fighting they got their freedom. You would think that since it’s 2020 there wouldn’t be slaves anymore, well you are wrong. In Libya they are enslaving black people.

In many countries people fought for education, healthcare, for jobs and good pay. All of these things are basic human rights and to think that we have these rights, because people had to fight for them is ridiculous. These are rights that people should’ve had from the beginning. 


You know how people got their rights? They achieved them through unity. People fought together. When the LGBTQ community were fighting for their rights, they got support from all around the world. When George Floyd was murdered, people united all around the world to support the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement.Together we stand stronger.

Like I said in the beginning the goal 16 of the sustainable development goals is righteous and justice societies, which in my opinion we won’t achieve for a long time. I feel like people want to believe that we have, but with everything going on right now it proves that we are not there yet. 

First and foremost, people need to acknowledge that there is a problem. The problem is the corrupt people in power, that accept bribes.  We need a law that is fair for everyone no matter their positions and how much power they have. We can make a change by addressing our problems and talking about them, raising awareness and voting for the right people.


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2 thoughts on “No justice, no peace”

  1. Riitta Järnström

    Thank you Nimco for your blog post!

    The black lives matter movement has really changed the world. There have been demonstrations and people are active on social media to condemn all forms of racism. This movement has had a lot of power. In the USA, for example, statues of individuals who have supported racial segregation in their time have been removed and other changes have been made in a positive direction.

    Riitta Järnström

  2. It is very strange how in 2020 we still have to fight for these things. I´m worried how the issues are in society, it is in so constructive way that sometime it is impossible to see or realize them.
    Finland is quite high educated country and still the media is full of biased news, and very often peoples believe them. Sometimes it makes me sick when I see how people write about the minorities as they are not even humans. We have lot to do for inclusive and tolerant society. I understand that we all have rights to not agree with others in all matters but it have to done with good manners and for everyone’s well-being we have to tolerate differences. Injustice affects in our everyday life!

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