Hotel Sveitsi – Interview of partner in cooperation

Who is Kaisu and what he does at Primehotels?

I work as a know-how chief and developing chief at Primehotels and in Hotel Sveitsi my job description is a HR and Sales type person: I take care of matters considering employees and work in the sales. . In my work I and organize different events and also represent our services while meeting a lot of people.

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Saving the world with sludge management – Cleantech project

The Earth is in critical condition with climate changing and overall global warming. However, during this chaos there are opportunists who want to solve these problems. This autumn our project team had an opportunity to influence to make the world better place by doing project about developing waste management.

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Rotary members as mentors in Laurea

RYLA activity is a new way of implement a course. Our project team executes an assignment about the member acquisition for the Rotary Club Hyvinkää. Rotary is a network of influencers that brings together congenial people to do good in their own neighborhood and in the world. Rotary activities are based on local clubs. During the project we found out that Rotary Club Tikkurila cooperates with Laurea Tikkurila and we wanted to find out more about that. For this blog text, we interviewed Anne Salovaara, who is the president of Rotary Club Tikkurila.

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Everyone’s favorite free time activity – eFootball project

Gaming and esports are rapidly growing markets all over the globe. This autumn our project team had an awesome opportunity to study a very unique topic. Forget the boring and usual marketing development projects and jump right into the world of gaming.

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Creating a social media campaign for Salama Brewing

This fall our project team had a chance to create a social media campaign for Salama Brewing.

Salama Brewing is a small independent brewery located in Espoo and was founded in 2018 by four craft beer loving friends.  The brewery specializes in modern extravagant beers. Salama is experimental with their flavours and always evolving. You can also check out their website for more information about the company:

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Abandoned at The Shores of Europe.


Aid agencies  have longed warned of dire conditions at Moria, Europe’s largest migrant camp where more than 12,500 people live in around a facility built to house just over 2,750. The camp is housing those fleeing violence and poverty in the middle East, Africa, and Afghanistan. It has become a symbol of what critics say is Europe’s failure to humanely handle the migrant situation. (euro news 2020).

The worst happened when a large fire in September 2020 destroyed the overcrowded facility on the Greek island of Lesbos leaving nearly 13,000 people mostly those wishing to seek asylum in different European countries without shelter.

This brought a more serious and difficult situation into a humanitarian disaster. Sanitation problems in the midst of a pandemic like the covid 19 are just a few of the many challenges facing the asylum seekers who feel abandoned by Europe they hoped for a better life when they crossed the sea to reach Greece which is a gate way to Europe. The migrants are equally feeling frustrated and depressed especially as the local population is hostile towards them. It is extremely getting more challenging for families with children as well as unaccompanied minors.

Amnesty international’s migration researcher Adriana Tidona said “reckless EU policies” were to blame for over crowding in Moria. Under the 2016 deal between the EU and Turkey designed to stem the flow of hundreds of thousands of migrants, those arriving on Greek island like Lesbos from nearby Turkish coast are held there pending either deportation back to Turkey or the acceptance of their asylum claims. Though the deal dramatically reduced the flow, delays in processing asylum claims and continued arrival of hundreds of asylum seekers led the island camp to quickly exceed their capacity. Successive Greek governments have urged other European countries to share the burden.

European authorities who have often been criticised for not doing enough to ease the burden on southern countries such as Greece, Italy, and Spain where majority of the immigrants arrive were offered some help. For example, Germany offered to take in close to 1,500 migrants from the Greek island after the fire disaster while Finland was also well prepared to take in a certain number of asylum seekers from the Mediterranean.

The experience and opinion shared by our working life partner Anna Hyytiäinen working for Sininauhasäätiö at Mosaiikki also inspired me to write this blog. Her organisation provides support to asylum seekers through aspects like offering information about the public and third sector services they have access to, help with access to services, and support in difficult situations. Ensuring that the fundamental rights of asylum seekers are being taken into consideration irrespective of their paperless status in Finland.

She explained during our discussion that, while it is challenging for many European countries, more must follow the example of Germany and Finland who agreed to take in asylum seekers from the Mediterranean. She further explained that asylum seekers themselves hardly plan to seek asylum in Europe living behind love ones, jobs, property and a life they cherished in their respective countries.

However, civil wars, persecution and many other conflicts puts them in a situation where they have no choice but to seek asylum in countries where there is peace. Her organisation does not have the influence or powers to decide reception of asylum seekers in the EU. But then, taking in asylum seekers should not be a political decision but a great humanitarian gesture by all European countries. The rise of populist governments in certain European countries today with harsh policies to asylum only worsens the situation at the shores of Europe.


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Thank you for everyone who has read our blog about informal care!

Special thanks to the amazing working life representatives who helped us to understand the life of a caregiver and their children. We have learned a lot while writing this blog and hope that the readers have also received a lot of information about informal care families and the obstacles they face in their life and that our blogs have brought at least some awareness to the topic. 

Masir, Sini & Minna T.

Informal Care – Child’s Perspective

All our blog posts written in Maria’s or Joonatan’s point of view are partly based on the interview we did with our working life representative

Picture from Pixabay

“I really miss my friends. It’s not as fun to play with legos alone, usually friends give ideas and build cities with me. Sometimes mom plays with me, but she just isn’t a very good builder. Arttu is like the best builder in the whole world, he’s gonna be like an archi… tect when he’s older. I’m really jealous of Arttu, he has a big brother that is like over ten, and he is super awesome. Sometimes he played with us, and the best times were when he gave a lot of speed in the swing, I swear I almost spinned around once! Having a big brother or sister would be amazing… I haven’t had anyone to play with for like forever.

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