This is no isle of bliss

“The police is investigating a stabbing that took place at a Sininauhasäätiö facility for the homeless” (HS 13.7.2019)

“A big police operation in Töölö at Sininauhasäätiö facility for the homeless” (HS 14.11.2018)

“Drug abusing Sininauhasäätiö inhabitants cause trouble at Töölö library” (HS 18.7.2018)

The news are happy to tell what I think. Violence, crimes, drugs, bad behavior and big trouble. This is what I think when I hear the word Sininauhasäätiö. Our project with Sininauhasäätiö (a Finnish organization that works against homelessness) arises mixed feelings in me. I have a 15 year history in working at a second hand store located right next to Sininauhasäätiö unit in Vallila. During these years I met dozens of Sininauhasäätiö customers. Most encounters were neutral and I most likely met a huge bunch of their customers without realizing where they were coming from. But I also met so many people that threatened to kill me that I lost count. As the faces became familiar I learned to predict which people were bound to cause trouble.

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