Feudal vs. flat hierarchy

Before I started my internship at Laurea I’ve heard a lot about the “no hierarchy” approach, the equality, the flat organizational structure in Finnish companies. It was in opposite to what I have always heard or read about the feudal structure of Polish organizations and many complaints coming from employees and labor experts.

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Suomen kieli challenge – don’t give up!

I have been living in Finland for seven years. In such a long time I should be speaking Finnish like a local, but I am not, as the majority of expats or international talents. I am purposely not writing “immigrants”, because they usually go immediately to those integration courses, they often don’t speak English and so quite fast they learn the language. Expats or international talents who come to Finland from the international job market and get jobs that require their specific skills and the English language mingle with each other in those international clusters around English language daycares and schools and are able to live in Finland happily for years not speaking more than: kiitos and moi.

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That gloomy Monday morning was sunny from inside

That was one of the darkest days in the year, December morning with no snow but clouds hanging low and total blackness at seven, eight and even nine in the morning. One of those December mornings was also my first day of internship in the Marketing and Communications unit at Laurea. I was going there with all the excitement, enthusiasm but also worries. Why worries?

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