What is done during a website design process?

WHAT IS DONE DURING A WEBSITE DESIGN PROCESS? We are an SBA project team who designs a new website to The Finnish Railway Museum. They asked us to do a new design for a new website. We did a couple of design documents after doing a user study of the old site and site mapping … Read more

Transform your Garden to reflect on your Garden Personality Style, Take the Quiz now! – campaign plan

Half of the project has already been completed in the blink of an eye and spring is also well under way. Due to the current world situation, we have been working remotely through teams throughout the project. Because our project is international, we have had the honor of getting two exchange students into our project … Read more

Suomen kieli challenge – don’t give up!

I have been living in Finland for seven years. In such a long time I should be speaking Finnish like a local, but I am not, as the majority of expats or international talents. I am purposely not writing “immigrants”, because they usually go immediately to those integration courses, they often don’t speak English and … Read more