Be the support for the ones in need

We have talked about loneliness, isolation, lack of volunteers, lack of resources in the health care system… These are all major issues and sadly can have a major effect on the quality of an individual’s life.

My blog posts were supposed to share information on how corona has affected elderly people. After two of these posts, I find myself sitting by my computer and looking at my notes.
Learning about Sacramento, and having a conversation with Klaus was eye-opening. I appreciate all the details Klaus shared so that we could get to know Sacramento and its residents. However, these details are not the thing that stuck with me. It was the conversation itself.
It was the feeling of seeing how someone can have so much empathy towards others, and give their full attention for you for even a short conversation which truly stayed in mind.

A good conversation. Presence. These are things we should focus on giving for others. These are the things we should value and often are told to value. This is what Klaus pointed out at the end of our conversation too.

I want to challenge you readers, and challenge myself:
Start conversations. Be present. Stay mindful. Stop wallowing in your own thoughts and listen to the person talking to you. How are these such self-evident thing, yet sometimes, OFTEN TIMES, so hard to do?

So, instead of telling you more about a pandemic which we all keep hearing about anyway whether we like it or not, I truly just want to take this time to encourage you to be present. Understand what it means and how it can positively affect your life. We have encouraged you in our previous posts to take action by volunteering and handing out your help to the elderly.
Give your time and interest, your full presence. I can assure you that already means the world.

This is a key quality for a social worker. In a field where you might find yourself in situations with lack of staff, lack of resources, lack of time. Practice on this quality. Practice on being mindful, making mindful choices, learn the true meaning of it.
I myself have struggled with this and am still struggling.

Below you will find a few helpful links, and I highly suggest you do research on this topic:

Let’s keep making conscious decisions to do better to feel better. To all my future social worker colleagues out there, hope especially you really take this in.



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1 thought on “Be the support for the ones in need”

  1. Hi!
    I really like the perspective you took in this post, sometimes the solutions are very close to us but we don’t have time to see or feel it. Our society is living a life and doing things that the media shows and wants us to do. Sometimes slowing down is what we need.
    The skill of listening and being present is absolutely the base of our future work. Our presence passes the feeling of safeness and being heard.
    It was nice to read your post 🙂
    Thank you

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