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Lives Left Ungrievable

-The concerning rise in drug deaths- In an era where retrieving drugs can be more or less, as simple as an order from the internet, a delivery to your doorstep like pizza, getting your hands on drugs is easier than ever. Considering even this revelation alone, the boost in drug-related deaths might not come as …

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Immigrant Bloggers

 In this blog, we are going to tell you about refugees coming to Finland. How the process works from the beginning, when they were still in refugee camps and how they got the chance to come to Finland, etc. The main subjects we will focus on in the blog are: 


We are three second year students studying social services in Tikkurila’s campus. Our topic for this blog is informal care for children. We chose this topic because working with children is important to all of us and within all informal care cases, being caregiver to one’s own child is only 15%. Elderly informal care is …

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Growing Pains – Introduction

This blog is created by three Social Services students blogging under aliases pp78338, TUTTELIMOYKKYNEN and icelatte. Our objective is to gain experience in professional blogging in order to exert influence in the Social Services Sector. We strive to write our blog posts considering the core of the blog which is exerting influence in the Social …

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Mission Zero Foodprint – Towards carbon neutral food-industry

The cooperation project between Forum Virium Helsinki and Laurea brings together actors and stakeholders in the restaurant and food services sector and aims to promote the carbon neutrality of the food sector. Mission Zero Foodprint project run jointly by Forum Virium Helsinki and Laurea helps small and medium-sized restaurants and other food services companies in …

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Gender Equality: Violence Against Women

Gender equality, according to the European Institute for Gender Equality (2020) means equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities for men and women. So the human rights, opportunities and responsibilities should be the same, whether they’re born male or female. Gender equality, and empowering all women and girls, is one of United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. It’s …

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