Informal Care – Child’s perspective

All our blog posts written in Maria’s or Joonatan’s point of view are partly based on the interview we did with our working life representative 

“I haven’t been able to go anywhere in soooo long time. My mom says it’s not just because of my illness anymore but also because there is this other disease called corona that has made many people sick. She seems pretty stressed about it. Like every time mom comes home from the store and I want to see what she has bought she doesn’t let me touch anything before she has washed her hands, changed her clothes and wiped all items with cleaning wipes.   

My birthday was a little while ago and I reeeaally wanted to go play in Hoplop with my friends, but my mom said that it is closed. So we baked a cake with my mom and invited Arttu and Tuomas to play in our backyard. Mom kept reminding us to keep a “safety distance” like a hundred times. It wasn’t the same as playing in Hoplop but we had fun and the cake was really good.  

Often when my mom is on her computer, she has a lot of these white papers next to her and she always seems to be in a bad mood when she has to deal with those. Once I tried to make her smile by hiding those papers but she got really mad saying that those are important bills that she needs to pay. Now days I always go to play in my room while she is on computer but usually after mom is done paying the bills we paint nice pictures to the back side of them. Even though my mom is often worried about money I’m not. I have got like almost 20 euros in my piggy bank and when it’s full I’ll buy myself a big lego box so my mom doesn’t have to. Dad doesn’t talk about money that much, I guess it’s because he works so much so he probably has more money.  

Oh, and here is one picture that I painted with my mom: “

Picture by Pixabay


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