Designing Services for Target Market of Sustainable Tourism Company: Project Villa Falco

The fall semester is almost over and so is the work of our team on an interesting project. Our project assignment was to build a website, to develop social media channels and to find possible collaboration partners for Naturehouse Villa Falco. The assignment was very diverse and included many opportunities for learning. Villa Falco is a small business company which offers accommodation, sauna, and hot tub experiences in the heart of the Nuuksio National Park. In addition, as a novelty was just completed meeting room, so in the future Villa Falco is able to offer even more diverse services. Having a meeting day in the middle of the refreshing nature for a change will be very inspiring for sure.

Project Team Villa Falco from top to right: Client Hannele, Wilma, Jenni, Sari
Veera, Teo, Miruna and Katri.

The brief meeting was arranged in Nuuksio where the owner of the Villa Falco and the project client Hannele Vepsäläinen presented the assignment. The project team also got a chance to experience the sauna and hot tub themselves, so it was a perfect basis to start implementing this project. Our team also included two exchange students from Romania, Teo and Miruna, and it was certainly a memorable thing for them to start the semester in the Finnish sauna. 

Project team enjoying the hot tub.

During the fall the team has done a lot of work in order to achieve the project goals. The work has been done by dividing in the smaller groups with their own areas of responsibility and sometimes also together. The team has now launched Villa Falco’s brand-new website, the social media channels has become more active and different kind of collaboration and marketing has been developed. When the goals have been achieved, it is time think what has been learned and what has been interesting in this project. A couple of team members share their thoughts about the project.


  • It has been interesting to get to know how a small tourism business is run and how the cooperation between small companies works. This project has developed my knowledge in business in many ways. I have learned about business cooperations, brand building for small companies, SEO, and website building. Also, I have improved my English language.


  • It has been really exciting to work with a small company which has started its business just a couple of years ago. At the first moment a lot of ideas and vision comes to your mind, and you can clearly see potential of the company. The most interesting part was that project subjects varied between customer experience, social media marketing, partner collaboration and web design, so I had a chance to utilize my previous acknowledgment on CX and marketing, as well as dive into totally new things like web design. Web design plays a vital role on customer journey path as the website is usually the first impression of the company.
  • Due to covid-19 pandemic the domestic travel has trended big now and Villa Falco has a full potential to utilize this opportunity. Therefore, I’m looking forward to following Villa Falco’s journey as a new company which is creating experiences.

The whole project team wishes all the best for Villa Falco and its lovely hostess Hannele, it has been a pleasure to be part of this inspiring project!

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