How to write a Laurea blog: Project blog SB00BK91-3007 

There are six different roles in Laurea´s projects. One of them is social media coordinator. At first glance, it could seem a trivial task, it is not as important as project manager who needs to leader the hole project, speak with client and lecturer neither the secretary who must write a memo every week. However, it is not pointless work. Social media coordinator is in Laurea word´s responsible for providing information of the project in the channels agreed with the partner​. What it means? Being the spokesperson who transmit which is the progress of the team to Laurea staff.

Depend on the project there are different methods. It can be through Instagram´s post, emails but the most common way is by publishing blogs in Laurea´s web page. 

As I am the social media coordinator in two projects which means I had to write 4 blog posts, I am concerned about the difficulties that writing blog can be. So, my goal with this blog is giving to futures “generations” of social coordinators some tips that can help at the time of writing the blog for Laurea. 

First of all, I will divide the advice depending on whether you are writing about your Laurea project or about another topic. As far as I am concerned, the best option is writing the first blog about your project and the second about another theme, but it is up to you. 

When you are writing about your project you should focus on these topics: Introducing the project (as a way of starting the blog) it could be explaining who the team members are, who is the client…; explaining what the goal of the project is and how is it going. These three topics are the mainly thing. But also, it is a good idea to introduce the problems passed during the project or first impression about it.  
Also, it is important how is it write. It is not as formal as the theory base but when you are writing about your project it is better to avoid spoken language. And last but not least, always remember to write some words for your client at the end expressing your gratitude. It could seem stupid because you are the one who is apparently working for him, but if you look it deeply, he is also “losing” his time with weekly meetings and he gives you the opportunity to work as in the real business world.  

Besides blogs about your project, also is possible to write about a topic of your election. 

Writing two times about your project could be boring and probably, you will run out of ideas, so I recommend finding another theme to talk about. It can be, what was your objectives coming to Finland (if you are exchange student), how to write a theory base (I would have appreciated it) or whatever that come up to your mind.
Now when you have the theme, you are ready to write it. First, try to develop the structure (what are you going to say and how you will say it), then I would recommend doing a draft with all the information. Once you made it, read it and make the changes needed. Always remembering these tips:

Be the less boring possible, for this purpose, is important the theme that you have chosen and the way you explain it. For this kind of blogs is okay to write them in a non-formal way but always avoiding spelling mistakes. 

Follow Laurea guidelines, because doing a good to read blog is important but we also need the mark. So, I recommend read Laurea guidelines twice. One before starting the blog and one after to see if you keep it in right direction.

And finally, try to make something different. As Albert Einstein said “The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone, is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been”.

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