Internationality in Digital Twins

Hola! Bonjour! Përshëndetje! We are project team from Laurea and in January, we began conducting market research on a digital twin in collaboration with Wärtsilä Voyage. A group of 8 international students of different grades. Two of the team are exchange students, Aleix from Spain and Nathan from France. We also have a third international student, Krenare, from Kosovo. The rest of the team are Finnish yet from different areas of the metropole. It was logical that the project team communicates in English, and this project has so far been an excellent English practical course for each of the team member.

Nathan is managing the project together with Jasse, one of our first-year student in team. Their collaboration is smoothly guiding the team from phase to phase. Clear instructions and open-minded conversation are the main key in these managing partners. The secretary is also working in team as Karita and Olivia, both second year Laurea students, work hand in hand securing all the important documents, memos and invitations are made in time and even better, in proper advance. Aleix is the Well-being manager with Krenare. Sari and Teemu work together as Community Coordinator and Social Media Manager.

Project, which we are doing with Wärtsilä Voyage is part of the Laurea´s P2P learning method. Learning with and from the other students is very efficient way of learning giving the students different points of view. Our main goal is to identify business opportunities and values of new simulation concept called Digital Twin. At the same time, we are exploring the understanding and market readiness for a new concept that can be used to improve efficiency, reduce emissions, increase safety, and save costs in marine industry.

A digital twin is virtual simulation of something in the real world and it can be used to replicate processes in order to collect data to predict how they will perform and generate possible improvements.

We are currently conducting interviews with people operating in marine industry, both Wärtsilä Voyage team members and their customer companies. We are really looking forward to new ideas and different insights. These interviews will be important part of next phase. We will tell you more about our project in the next blog post.

Written by: Sari Saarelainen & Teemu Parkkinen

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