Summary of the project, Bonne Juomat Oy wants to enter U.K. Market

Bonne Juomat Oy is a company from Lohja Finland. The company produces natural juices, purees, smoothies, and spring water. In August our project has been started and our mission was to help Bonne to enter U.K. market to sell its products. Our team of three international students from Switzerland, Ukraine, Tajikistan and five Finnish students have collaborated with Bonne company to export Bonne`s Spring Water and Smoothies to Great Britain. 

During the semester we have conducted market research to find out if there is a chance to enter the UK-Market. We have reached the conclusion that it’s possible to enter the market. After the market research to get to know the biggest competition, we wanted to analyse the consumer in UK. 

With a survey in different Facebook groups, we wanted to have feedback from the consumer in the UK. We asked for a permission from 20 groups on Facebook. These groups are for moms, parents, healthy lifestyle, and sustainable living in the UK.​ Five groups gave us permission to post the survey. The survey gave us an insight into what is important to the consumer in UK.  

The conclusion was that most preferred channel for shopping by far is supermarkets, sustainability is not hugely important according to consumers, ​ingredients are bit more important for consumers, ​affordability of products is desired by the consumers. One of the biggest surprise and opportunity is that when we asked what Bonne snack smoothie to pack the consumers prefer. The consumer could choose between Moomin, Paw patrol and Peppa Pig. Surprisingly the Moomin pappa smoothie was the most preferred option by the consumer over the Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol packs. This is a good sign since the favoured pack, was the pack with the Moomin Figure despite the unfamiliarity.   

We as team have learned how to do market research about a different country, consumer behaviour, and mostly we learned about the expanding and our team strongly believes that bonne has a chance to enter the UK market. 

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