VR Incidents based on Scenarios

Our project is based on the use of Virtual Reality technology. We need to create scenarios for export trade from Finland to the United Kingdom. The scenarios would include incidents that can happen during the transportation from Finland to the United Kingdom. For the reason to determine which is the best way of transport, Ground, Air or Sea. The team started brainstorming and with the help of the past created several scenarios explaining what can go wrong during the process.

In this project the international student team from Laurea composed from Rodrigo Julián(Mexican), Paola Valadez(Mexican), Max Brovchenko(Ukrainian), Karita(Finish), Marjis(Finish), Niko(Finish), Linda(Finish) and our team manager Noora(Finish) are looking to create the best scenarios possible for the company to be benefited with our work. That is why we have worked all semester doing research and applying everything into the project. The process that we had was, first we researched all the possible ways of transportation and determined that was Air, Ground and Sea. We divided into smaller groups and dove down into each scenario. With the help of internet research and a trading game we could find out some of the incidents that can occur in each one of the ways of transport. We saw the costs, time it took, accidents that can happen, basically all that entails each scenario and its respective incident. After careful consideration we saw that the air transport was not viable because it was too expensive and there was not much space in the cargo planes for it to be efficient(with the products of our client). So we decided to focus on ground and sea, we then proceeded to polish the details of the incidents that can happen and the possible risks it entails for each scenario. It is important to mention that Incoterms were a big part of the decisions for the incidents. We had to choose certain Incoterms that would help minimize the risks for both parties. The incoterms will help both parties of a trade to protect themselves in case any incidents occur. Finally the incoterms chosen are ones that benefit both sides, not only one.

To project all of our work we used the platform Wonda VR, which is a platform that creates Virtual Reality rooms where you can walk around the room while interacting with parts of the room. We ended up doing two rooms each representing one scenario, one for ground and one for sea. Inside the rooms we included three incidents each with a video explaining the incident and the incoterm that can be used for the benefit of both parties. To help the interaction of the client going through the virtual reality room we added a question after the video referring to the video that was played. We also included some other visual aspects(pictures) that help the recipient feel more comfortable on the platform. Finally we think that the incidents created can really be used by the client for them to protect themselves in the future with any trading business they have.

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