artificial intelligence

6 things you should know about AI

Headai sells the service of its own artificial intelligence. With this data-driven approach, it should be possible to act agile and strategically between the fields of the labor market, education, individual companies, and individuals. With their technology, it is possible to bring qualitative data into a globally interoperable form, maximizing the value of data assets. But what is … Read more

How to survive in AI project as a business student who doesn’t have any idea what AI is?

Let’s start with a disclaimer: AI seems (at least in my opinion) a lot harder than what it really is or at least the basics of AI aren’t that hard. When we first started three months ago a project: “Study on Talent Management and L&D strategies” with our client Headai, I must admit that I was scared, anxious and confused but most of all excited. I didn’t … Read more

AI, learning and the role of interaction

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a lot of promise for learning. However, most applications so far are using AI to replace human interaction while there are less examples of AI increasing the productivity of interaction. This article presents two retail cases that approach interaction from a different angle. Written by Teemu Ylikoski