Workshop together with teachers from Latin America

Purpose of our project Our project team’s assignment in Service Design course is to make introduction videos for HEIComp Canvas course. HEIComp canvas course consist of eight modules that contain information on how to run the project and how the teacher’s role in the project is different compared to regular university teacher role. Project team … Read more

Planning implementation of a service design project in hotel industry

This project started in August 2022 and the client is Hotel Sveitsi. Hotel Sveitsi is a modern hotel that opened in 2017 and offers services to single travelers and families staying at the hotel. They won Finland’s leading resort 2022 -price in the World Travel Awards competition for the third time, last time in 2019 … Read more

Service Business Project for the Finnish Glass Museum (Plus Tips for Having a Vision!)

During this spring, we have worked in an eight-member student team for the Finnish Glass Museum located in Riihimäki. We have done research about people who visit museums and based on that information, built persona profiles the museum can use in their marketing and service design subsequently. Team has also brainstormed a large treasure box … Read more

Events and partner search with Kokouspiste Oy during Covid-19

Organisers and event managers are facing a tough time in the current situation, while Covid-19 is shaping our everyday life. And not only the daily study routine is facing big upcoming changes, but also our cooperation partner of the project “International Benchmarking & Partner Search in Event Business” Kokouspiste Oy is facing new challenges. Together … Read more

How to survive in AI project as a business student who doesn’t have any idea what AI is?

Let’s start with a disclaimer: AI seems (at least in my opinion) a lot harder than what it really is or at least the basics of AI aren’t that hard. When we first started three months ago a project: “Study on Talent Management and L&D strategies” with our client Headai, I must admit that I was scared, anxious and confused but most of all excited. I didn’t … Read more

The first weeks in the P2P-model from the perspective of an exchange student

Despite the fact that we are living in a worldwide pandemic and Covid-19 attends our daily life, we exchange students were allowed to enter Finland in the first days of January. Shortly after, the semester started and so did the projects of the P2P-model at Laurea University in Hyvinkää. After an introduction week and explanations … Read more