The SFinLit Project

We worked on a project with the University of Laurea as a client. This project will ultimately be used by several universities and schools around the world. Our project consists of developing a digital marketing campaign plan for a more general Green litaracy financial project. Thus, following interviews, studies and analyzes, we have created a complete plan that can be adapted to a global project.

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The life of an Erasmus student at Laurea – SFinLit Project

My name is Geoffroy Rauch, I am a French student in the 2nd year of business school in Paris. I am in ERASMUS at Laurea University of Applied Sciences on the Hyvinkää campus for 6 months since January 2021. 

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Social media marketing experience

In our project, we have done work related to social media marketing for restaurant Karhunpesä.

The membership of our project team has included old and new students. Our project team has worked really well because all the students have to give different skills to the project work and thus all the members of the project are able to learn new things from each other. Our partner has also been actively involved in the project throughout the project, as well as providing additional guidance and assistance when needed, so this has really helped a lot in the work. Project work has become a new thing for most team members. This has seemed difficult at first, but working with time has become easier. This has been influenced, for example, by the fact that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team has met only once live. Overall, the project work has been rewarding and easy and the whole team has learned a lot of new things.

Our project has been working on social media advertising during the spring semester. This has involved many different phases of work, such as competition research and various other measures aimed at clarifying customer data. The competition study was conducted as an online survey using the Microsoft Forms tool. Competitive research helps to understand changes in the economy. The report’s statements on the development of competition research relate in particular to the change in production methods brought about by new information and communication technologies and the consequent development of the nature and priorities of competition and cooperation between companies.

Competitive research is about the process of understanding changes in the economy. Here, for example, a possible group of users and what kind of services they use have been identified.

Finishing the project – International project in wood processing industry

Our international project started in January. Our project is about the wood processing industry and innovation in it. The beginning of the project, was a bit nerve-wracking, but at the same time exciting start, because most of our project team haven’t worked on a multicultural project before. But very quickly, our teamwork started to improve. There have been many phases in our project and every step has been different. This made the project more interesting. The project time went very quickly, and we are happy with the results of our work.

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Kokemuksia markkinatutkimus opiskelijaprojektista

Projektissamme olemme tehneet markkinatutkimusta uudelle yritykselle. Projektityöskentelymme on ollut hauskaa ja antoisaa uusien asioiden oppimista.

Projektissamme kaikki ovat olleet uusia opiskelijoita, lukuun ottamatta yhtä henkilöä. Projektiryhmämme on toiminut todella hyvin, koska kaikilla opiskelijoilla on antaa erilaista osaamista projektityöskentelyyn. Kaikki projektin jäsenet pystyvät oppimaan toisiltaan uusia asioita.

Yhteistyökumppanimme on ollut myös koko projektin ajan helposti lähestyttävä ja antanut ohjeistusta tarvittaessa, joten tämä on auttanut todella paljon työskentelyssä. Projektityöskentely on tullut uutena asiana suurimmalle osalle tiimin jäsenistä. Tämä on tuntunut alkuun vaikealta, mutta ajan kanssa työskentelystä on tullut helpompaa ja rennompaa. Tähän on vaikuttanut esimerkiksi se, että tiimin kommunikaatio on parantunut koko projektin ajan. Täten projektityöskentelystä on tullut hauskaa ja helppoa ja tiimi on nauttinut uusien asioiden sisäistämisestä.

Markkinatutkimus ja sen menetelmät

Projektissamme on työstetty markkinatutkimusta yritykselle Forlex Partners syyslukukauden ajan. Tähän on liittynyt monia eri työskentelyvaiheita, kuten kilpailija-analyysi hyödyntäen benchmarking-menetelmiä. Markkinatutkimus itsessään on toteutettu verkkokyselynä Microsoft Forms-työkalua hyödyntäen.

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