University of Alicante- Day 3

It has been a warm, sunny day in Alicante again. The day started the same way as every other day, by putting sunscreen on… and we all know how much work that is! After that we where ready to head to the University of Alicante for lectures. The first lecture of the day was about social responsibility, taken by Dr Diana Gill.

Dr Gill delivering her presentation

After the lecture we had a few-hour break so we were able to go out for lunch, shopping and relaxation… Siesta!

Traditional Spanish Tapas: Tortilla/potato omelette, salad, melon with ham iberico and bread with tomato and aioli.

After eating and taking it easy for a while it was time to go visit a private hospital, Clinica HLA Vistahermosa. It was quite close to the city center so it was easy to find our way there.

Clinica HLA Vistahermosa

The visit started with an introductory lecture. Dr Manuel Lillo told us about the history of the hospital; how the hospital and its wards work. It was interesting to hear that many of the staff are young people who have a lot of ideas to improve the quality of care in the hospital. We were positively surprised that some of the staff were once his students.

Dr Manuel Lillo telling us about the hospital
Dr Manuel Lillo showing us around the hospital.

Dr Lillo gave us a tour around the hospital. We got to see the ER, intensive care unit and different wards.

Nurses’ office
Patient room

After the walk we had a little discussion about what we had seen and we got to share our thoughts. Dr Manuel also took time to share some valuable pieces of advice. He told us not to be afraid to take risks and that we should try to improve ourselves continuously.

We enjoyed our time in the hospital

Overall the day was interesting and eye-opening. We are excited about what tomorrow will bring us.

Hawo Sareye, Laura Pajunen, Silja Salo & Katariina Vesimäki

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