Informal Care – Child’s Perspective

All our blog posts written in Maria’s or Joonatan’s point of view are partly based on the interview we did with our working life representative

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“I really miss my friends. It’s not as fun to play with legos alone, usually friends give ideas and build cities with me. Sometimes mom plays with me, but she just isn’t a very good builder. Arttu is like the best builder in the whole world, he’s gonna be like an archi… tect when he’s older. I’m really jealous of Arttu, he has a big brother that is like over ten, and he is super awesome. Sometimes he played with us, and the best times were when he gave a lot of speed in the swing, I swear I almost spinned around once! Having a big brother or sister would be amazing… I haven’t had anyone to play with for like forever.

Ever since I became sick, mom has been pretty tired and grumpy. It makes me feel bad, and I feel like it’s because of me. Mom tells me it’s not my fault, and that she would do anything for me, and that makes me happy, but also sad. I don’t know why. Mom always says that I’m the strongest boy in the world, and to prove that, I lift our kitchen chair in the air (which is really heavy by the way). That gives me power to get rid of the sickness. I really wish it would go away already, to make mom happy. I don’t want to go to the hospital anymore, kindergarten is so much better than that boring place.

The other day, my whole kindergarten group called to our computer so I could see everybody. Our teacher, and all the kids! I really miss them, and they miss me. They told me they can’t wait to see me in person, and that they have built so many lego creations just for me. That gave me the biggest smile ever!

I think mom is also lonely, just like me. I see her eyes glow with joy when she is talking on the phone with someone. We also had some person come and talk to us, and mom seemed happy about it. He asked me how I am, and I didn’t really know what to say. He seemed really nice, and I’m glad mom liked to have someone to talk to. Mom deserves everything she needs.

Mom promised me that if I play nicely and don’t act badly for a whole entire week, I will get to decide what we do for a day after I get better. Mom said that santa’s little helpers are always watching, so I must be nice even when I think that mom isn’t looking. One time in the hospital after the doctor took some blood from me, he gave me a lollipop. I really wanted to be nice, so I gave it to another kid in there, because I have already gotten so many. That made me feel really good and nice, I bet I’ll get that day of mine really soon! I will invite all my kindergarten friends to hoplop and we will eat all the ice cream in there. Mom will be so MAD.

I can’t wait for that day when I’ll get to decide what we do, that will be the absolute best!”

– Masir

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3 thoughts on “Informal Care – Child’s Perspective”

  1. The post was excellently written, while I was reading I kind of felt Jonatan´s emotion and pain. We often think that children don’t see or understand what is happening around them but it is just the opposite. They are very good at observing and understanding everything around them.

    I think that families who live in a situation with informal care should get more supports from other peoples. The mother must be worried and exhausted at a times and it is ok. It would be nice if the families would have some friends who understand their situation and try to light up their days with their company and help like.

    Even though in Finland there are many services and supports for every different kind of situation that person might end up in their life. It is not enough I guess. It will never be enough. Peoples, individuals have to come towards each other. The mindset “it is not my problem” has to change. We are humans and we will always need other humans. Sometimes we will be the helper and other times helped. The steps can be very small to make someone’s day, like smiling :).

    Thank you for the wonderful post.

  2. This was a very touching post. Your way of writing really delivers Joonatan’s feelings and thoughts to the reader in a way that really feels like we were able to look at the world through his eyes.

    Thank you.

  3. Thank you for this post! It was very touching and it was easy for me to feel Joonatan’s emotions. It reminds us how children actually pay attention to their surroundings and what is happening around them.

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