DIG4LIFE- project with Laurea

Hi all! It is almost time for a long-waited summer holiday, but before that there is still couple weeks of hard work left to do. 

In January we started a project with Laurea as our client. Laurea is a part of DIG4LIFE- project with other European countries and schools. What that means is that they are, among other things, executing multiple (remote) workshops during their project and the purpose behind it all is a cool interactive game for students! 

So what was expected and wanted from us during this project? Laurea was in charge of hosting one of the workshops and they wanted us to help to create a fun, interactive workshop. And that we knew how to do! 

The partnership meeting took place on March 30th and we gathered to the campus first time since we started the project, so that was also the first time we met each other face to face. It was good to have a normal day at school (except that there we were the only ones at school so not that normal though) and meet everyone. 

We had a nice day and a very successful workshop. We were in charge of organizing some ice-breaking activities to start the meeting. During the meeting we focused on taking notes and with the notes we created a summary video of the meeting to end the day in a fun way. We used Biteable to make the video and it was a hit! Throughout the meeting we used Miro as our platform, and it turned out to work really well. We had never used Miro or Biteable before, but this was not the last time for sure. Both were really easy to learn and use so big thumbs up! 

We had fun working in this project and learned a lot about workshops as well. Now it is time to wrap it up, have a project seminar next week and then we are off to enjoy the hopefully corona-free summer! 

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